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Help finding designer flowers from a Portsmouth craft fair

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  • Help finding designer flowers from a Portsmouth craft fair

    Hi everyone,

    I'm wondering if you can help me. I visited a craft fair over the Easter holidays, (probably a week before Easter weekend, when the film "The Boat That Rocked" was first released) in Gunwharf Quays. It was right in the centre of the complex, in a large white marquee.

    I saw a particular craft that I'd really like to track down. The lady was selling large, fake, plastic flowers in vases. The flowers were probably plastic, and were exaggerated in colour, lots of vibrant red on white for example. Nothing like natural flowers. They did not look real at all.

    I've just realised they'd be the perfect gift for someone, but can't for the life of me find anything about them online.

    The stall was in the middle, on the right hand side if your back is to the cinema. The flowers came in a variety of sizes, probably up to a meter and half high at largest. She was next to a lady selling photographs of Portsmouth. Behind her in the far left corner was a man selling extravagant wooden carvings.

    Does anyone know who sells these and where I might find them again?

    If there is anything else that may help track down these flowers, don't hesitate to ask. Any help is highly appreciated!

    Many thanks,

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    Sorry I can't help but I hope you track her down, is there any way of contacting the craft fair organisers - is it a regular fair that may be repeated or even look for other fairs in the area that she may attend.

    Good Luck.

    Kim xx


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      Good idea. I've just emailed Gunwharfs commercial department in the hope of finding them.

      Fingers crossed. Unless anyone has any other suggestions as to who she might be?

      Many thanks,


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        Hi, I'm making nylon flowers , I made many ,
        if you don't mid I can send to you some of my flowers , I'm not sure the flower you are looking for.


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          Hi, I have seen a very similar if not the same stall in the Fareham Shopping centre... not far from Portsmouth, worth checking out.
          Mia x
          Handmade Silver Jewellery



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            Flowers are almost like by everyone. Flowers are perfect gift for someone and are meant for any occasions. Plastic flowers are not good gift as compare to original flowers. Today number of floral websites are available which accepts online orders and also offers a wide variety at affordable prices.