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Edinburgh Summer Craft Fair Update

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  • Edinburgh Summer Craft Fair Update

    Thank you to everyone who has responded, both privately and through the forum. I had a look at the halls available at St George's Church West at the weekend, and, while St George's has a lot going for it - location and cafe, for example - the halls I would be booking are up a long flight of stairs, which might put some potential customers off attending. I'm looking for something in the same area but more accessible. I will keep everyone posted as to progress. The date will probably be the last Saturday in July.


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    What about St Cuthberts at the bottom of Lothian Road


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      Edinburgh Summer Craft Fair Update

      Re Edinburgh Summer Craft Fair

      I'm afraid the craft fair I had hoped to arrange for July will not now go ahead. I had thought that I had a hall lined up, but that fell through, as did a second. Also, of the 14 people who expressed an interest, half were jewelry craftspeople [I don't have enough experience of craft fairs to know if that's the norm, or not, but it did seem a little worrying to have nearly three-quarters of the available tables taken up by people who would probably be in direct competition with each other].

      Sorry to everyone who had wanted to attend, and I hope this is enough notice to enable you to make other arrangements for July's Saturdays.

      Best wishes
      Ron Francis


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        aw, thats a shame. Id have been interested too but im also jewellery! haha.


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          Hi Ron, I know of a lot of people who woud be intereseted in a fair. Did you advertise your idea anywhere else other than this website? There are thousands in edinburgh and lothian areas who arent jewellery but just dont happen to use this site.


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            yeah i have to agree with that reply. There are loads of crafters out there that are not jewellers!!!!

            There are hundreds of crafters out there, I am sure if you did a google search you'd find more.

            scottish crafts has a lot on there for example, 3d2d, gardening scotland has a list of the craft exhibitors they had, perth markets have a list of their crafters as well, the list is endless.

            Vicky xx
            Eternal Flame Candles

            Hand Made in Scotland