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  • Advice please

    I have been looking for new venues in the Cotswolds and Oxfordshire/Wilts and have come across a organiser called Max Exposure who seems to be offering fairs within this area.

    I would be grateful if anyone could give me some feedback of these events and organiser.

    thanks Kim.

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    Hi Kim

    I am also looking at using Max Exposure. I have today recieved a return from Email. Never done a craft fair so wouldnt know to expect. There web site looks good.

    Looking at interest on this thread to see if anyone on here has used them



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      Maxine who runs these events seems a really nice, helpful lady - I've never attended her fairs though, she just lists them with us. They're described as Gift & Treats fairs rather than handmade craft fairs and are held in Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire.


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        Hi Ozzie

        Its a shame that no one on the forum seems to have attended any of Max Exposures fairs, maybe I need to have a bit more patience to get some replies.

        Does this means that they aren't well regarded by more experienced crafters? It seems a minefield choosing craft fairs, you really don't know what venues are any good.

        Though one thing that worries me is, what is meant by a Gift and Treat fair as opposed to a Craft fair?

        Does this mean that Gifts and Treat fairs have people selling imported bulk buy stuff, Phoenix cards and Bodyshop products?

        Can anyone help, please


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          I do like that name - Gifts and Treats fairs may bring a new set of buyers in. Seems like a good way to describe fairs in this current climate when a gift or treat is something people still want.

          Sorry can't help with the original question though!
          digital stamps for cardmakers:
          hand painted personalised plaques, clocks, canvases, etc:


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            I think the 'Gift and Treats' sounds good and think its Max exposures way of using something old and turning it into a new idea. Alot of my generation (32 years old) see craft fairs as an older generation club, no offence ment, just I have had some mickey taking when ive told friends what i intend to do.
            I always take people on how they are to me. Best way is to fimd out for ourselves. It could be £30 wasted but nothing ventured nothing gained.


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              Mixed Attendees...

    , I think, what's meant by 'gifts'. Anyone is welcome to apply for a space.

              Our fairs are handmade only if you think that might be what you'd like. Our ethos is 'Craft Fairs for the Crafter' and the only criteria we have is that you make your own crafts.

              The website is listed below if you'd like more information.

              Apple Tree Crafts


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                I will reply to your email
                As a fledgling crafter I am still unsure what route to take. We are very impressed with Apple Tree Crafts so will hopefully see you in the future. Is taking a photograph a craft though. also unsure on this, but I do feel very proud of alot of my images


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                  Hi Jules,

                  Thanks for the reply.

                  I've already looked at your website, and its a nice site, I do like the idea that only handmade crafts can attend your fairs,

                  the last 3 fairs I have attended were billed as craft fairs but seemed more like car boot sales, its hard to compete against cheap imports.

                  This is why I asked the question about the difference between Gift and Treat fairs and Craft fairs.


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                    Photography is a craft!

                    Originally posted by Sovereign Crafts View Post

                    I will reply to your email
                    As a fledgling crafter I am still unsure what route to take. We are very impressed with Apple Tree Crafts so will hopefully see you in the future. Is taking a photograph a craft though. also unsure on this, but I do feel very proud of alot of my images

                    Or maybe an art? Either way Ozzie, it's totally acceptable at ATCF. You made the image. You made sure you were there when conditions/light were right, you set up all your equipment. That image would not exist unless you captured it.

                    Does that help?
                    Apple Tree Crafts


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                      I would have classed photgraphy as a art form.

                      Just look at the number of high end galleries which host photographic exhibitions.

                      And the aclaim the likes of Lord Lichfield got as a photographer, or the National geographic online exhibitions.


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                        I've just seen this thread and thought I'd add my thoughts to it.

                        We operate in Oxfordshire and, as a stallholder as well as an event organiser, I would recommend that you go along as a visitor first, especially if events are regularly run by the the same organiser. I wish I'd done that with a number of events I've attended in the past. If you can, visit more than one with the same organiser. Everyone can have a bad day but two bad days? Much less likely.

                        You'll be able to tell a lot from just being there. Is it the type of event you want to attend? Are the visitors the right audience for you? Does the organiser arrange different event types for difference audiences? How much advertising did you see? Was the atmosphere fun and inviting?

                        I would also say consider the prices carefully. When single table prices start creeping up towards the £40-£50 bracket for a local venue in a town or village, you really should be expecting something quite spectacular from your organiser. Ask to speak to recent stallholders if you can.

                        For anyone wanting to visit our next event and find out what our events are like, come and see us on Sunday at Steventon Village Hall in Oxfordshire - it's a Family Day. Prices of tables are published on our website, along with other information, in the Stallholder tab.


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                          I've just been to visit a Max Exposure event in Witney as their website says they have a Gifts and Treats Fair there today. Unfortunately, the hall was completely empty except for a caretaker. We asked him about it and apparently today's event was cancelled a couple of weeks ago because their previous event in May wasn't very successful. Shame the Max Exposure website wasn't updated to reflect this

                          So, if anyone is thinking about checking an event out before paying for a stall, it might also be worth calling to check it's actually still going ahead!


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                            I have done a fair with Max Exposure

                            Hi All

                            I have attended a fair at Summertown with Max Exposure and it was by far the biggest rip off I have ever known! The fair was a total shambles! It was in a filthy church hall in Summertown

                            Her website and details look really professional and it sounds great but the promises are false Im afraid, it is the only fair I have ever done and made a loss we had no more that 10 visitors the whole day!!!

                            She stated : It will be advertised in many publications -Not true I didnt see it anywhere none of the oxford papers and when I asked afterwards she never answered that question, so what does that tell you?

                            She stated: Leaflet droppers this was true but the girl was shopping in a boutique in Summertown I witnessed it with my own eyes and watched her for over 5 mins- the reply from Max Exposure was she called me a liar without using so many words

                            There were only 10 of us there having stalls and quite a few had done various fairs with her as they had all prebooked a few in advance and every one was bad! She has now cancelled quite a few and I know for a fact all the stallholders are complaining and asking for their money back. I did too she gave me a free stall at Chipping Norton which I gave to my Mum who said it wasnt much better the organisation was not there at all and my mum went to put a hat stand next to her table and was told she would be charged an extra £25!!!!!!! WHAT A JOKE!!!!!

                            I would personally avoid thses like the plague you will be better off at a local village fair and paying £10.

                            It is rare for me to ever say anything bad about an organiser in fact this is a first but she cannot justify her prices as she doesnt do what she says at all.

                            I am happy to give any more information to anyone if they want it.
                            Ren x
                            12High Street, Middleton Cheney, Oxon, OX17 2PB





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                              Hmm, interesting reading. I'm sorry you had such a bad time Ren. It's not good for anyone and can really damage the reputation of events organising in general.

                              I don't feel that I should say much, seeing as I'm also an organiser in Oxfordshire, except to reiterate my previous post from a week or so ago and say that it's really important to check out events before committing as a stallholder. Whether that's by asking to speak with previous stallholders or actually visiting in person but do find a way of checking!

                              I think some organisers can forget the importance of visitors in favour of concentrating on stallholders but one without the other is doomed for failure. It's a juggling act and one that needs careful management. Who says event organising isn't a skill?? It keeps us on our toes, that's for sure. We love it!

                              I'm not sure why my signature didn't appear last time but fingers crossed it will this time