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    I've just been looking through some of my bookmarked craft blogs and most of them are from America/Australia. Loads of the people exhibit at craft fairs but they have really cool names like craft mania and craft mafia. They make me want to go to them!! Why in Britain do you think we don't advertise craft fairs like that - I've only ever really seen 'arts and craft show' and stuff like that. Early Sunday morning musings!! What are the crafts fairs you exhibit at called?
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    I Wasn't Very Imaginative......

    ......just called mine Spring Craft Fair.

    I didn't realise that craft fairs abroad were given these catchy names. I may have to think of one for mine before I print the paperwork & posters.

    Although I think you have to pitch it right; If I called mine craft mafia, a lot of the people in Cheddar wouldn't realise what it was, posters or not, and wouldn't come. The would find the word Mafia off-putting.

    I suppose Spring Craft Fair says everything it needs to, even if it's mundane. Hmmmmmm.........this needs thinking about.

    Any suggestions?

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      It's the stiff upper lip thing - it's OK having a global village, but the english are the one's on the outskirts in the little mud hut.


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        Well thats what I wondered too - are craft fairs seen as very British and twee? I can see some of the things like a craft mania fair being good in London, Manchester or Leeds but outside of these areas I think it wouldn't be too popular. I saw a great one advertised - I think in Australia - that was called plastic fantastic and it featured loads of plastic jewellery! Do you think I could justify it as a business expense to fly over for 'research'!!
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          I sooooooo agree!!

          Swirlyarts I feel your pain. I've been ranting on about this forever!! Craft fairs need to shake off the dust and doilies (and blue rinse) and GET WITH THE PROGRAMME!! We need cool, young 'designer-makers' who have ambition and style. There's loads of us, so why are we still in a 'craft fair' time warp??? There is the opportunity to start your own craft mafia here in the craft mafia (glasgow or manchester for example) and you'll see

          Wishing I lived somewhere, where this kind of thing would work...


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            Swirly, as we are both in Burnley, we could revive the old Suicide Squad and take it away from the football 'fans'

            Or of course we in East Lancs could just form a covern
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              I agree!

              We all need to get up to date.

              I have only set up this spring and have attended a few craft fairs this year...

              and I've been shcoked at the stalls that have been busy... old fashioned painted plates... old fashioned candels etc...

              Although of course, there is a place for items like this.... because only older customers are coming in, tables with more contempory gifts (such as my own) have huge problems....

              Theres just no, twenty / thirty somethings coming in!

              Maybe a new name would incease younger customers...

              Something like... Local Dsigner Craft Fair / Traditional & Comtempory Craft Fair

              Not too unusual... but make it sound a bit more up to date?


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                I too think craft fairs needs to change it's image, when you think about it crafting is like producing the next hot thing any one of a crafters items could very well turn out to be the latest must have.

                Going to a craft fair could be the equivalent of a cat walk, as it show cases designers work many of which are unique. The definition of the word craft " the skilled practice of a practical occupation"

                We are all skilled in our own field, we all produce something that is not readily available in the shops, we are the craft designers of tomorrows next hot thing.


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                  I think the problem is that the term 'craft fair' sounds like it came off the Ark, and I think that terms hold certain stereotypes about the kind of people who go to a craft fair and the kind of goods on sale there. I know when I've been looking for places to sell I'm always more excited about an event being advertised as a 'craft market' or 'handmade market'...don't know why but it just seems a little more fashionable with a younger, studenty crowd
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                    Blow away the cobwebs...

                    I totally agree Lucy. Handmade / crafting is so popular amongst a younger crowd, so jumping on the 'Handmade' bandwagon would make a big difference. It seems subtle but the wording has to appeal to a different audience. When I am on holiday anywhere in the UK and I pass by a church hall with a badly scribbled 'craft fair' sign on a piece of cardboard I want to run in the opposite direction...and I'm a designer! I urge everyone to check out Craft Mafia sites in the UK. Started in the US and has now made its way here. Check out their ethos - graphics, marketing etc. all reflect this.


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                      Hi there,
                      I saw this thread and had to reply! Definitely agree that the public's perception of craft fairs tends to be that of an event that's outdated - they just don't appeal to the younger generation sadly :-(
                      Despite there being LOADS of people under 30 who are into arts and crafts there aren't many who sell or attend traditional craft fairs - as a twentysomething I can definitely vouch for this. However, I'm lucky enough to live in London where there are plenty of groups that promote arty events to all ages.
                      Google 'We make london', 'craft guerilla' and 'spitalfields market/sunday up market' - there are some great events out there :-)


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                        A lot of the success (or not) of craft fairs has got to be down to how they're promoted.....
                        I've been lucky enough to get into the "Made by Artisans" Christmas Fair in Peterborough.
                        The marketing they do is much funkier and not a "doily" in sight (jam and chutneys though! )

                        They provide banners (like the one above) to post on your web site, blog etc and do 50 incentive packs for people walking through the door.
                        There's also press releases and press intro evenings...

                        I'm very impressed by them!
                        Nic x
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                          I do agree that "Craft Fair" has various connotations, some better than others, but to do away with it entirely might run the risk of throwing the baby out with the bath water?

                          Perhaps a way forward is to have the Title for the event in the "traditional" way, but then to emphasise what is on offer in the following strap-line(s) of the advertising?

                          Best wishes


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                            Posters generally aren't too bad as even with a 'Craft Fair' heading there's room for a description or pictures to represent the event. I was thinking more of when you're driving along somewhere and see a sign that just says 'Craft Fair' plonked on a roundabout close to the venue...personally I'd probably go because I understand what a craft fair entails, but I think younger people would be more inclined to park up and have a look around if they passed a sign saying 'Handmade Market' or 'Handmade Fair'
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                              I think Peter hit the nail on the head. How about Global Village Craft Fairs.
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