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  • What price?

    Hi everyone I recently put a thread on the card forum as this is my craft but nobody has replied, some of you have seen my cards in my album and as I have said before they take a lot of time to make and cost a lot too.
    The problem I am having is what price? I do lot's of different cards from quilling,iris folding,tea bag folding,sewing,3D decoupage and keep sake cards in the shape of a open book ect ect and even make my own boxes for them, I would like some advice on how much to sell them for I do'nt want to sell them too exspensive otherwise people will not be intrested but want to make some kind of profit from them can anyone help?
    Thanks kim

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    Hi Kim,

    You might get a better response in the 'general' section, but having seen some of your cards, I would pay upwards of £3.50 for any of them, and for ones designed as a keepsake I'd be happy to pay £6 - £8 depending on the design.

    Medium sized printed cards in places like Clintons are over £2.50 - £3, so I can't understand why people won't pay that bit more for something unique

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      Buying cards?

      I have to say, whenever I buy them for "Special People" if I love the card and feel it is right for them - I will not even look at the price.

      Once after purchasing one, after I got home I looked at the tab and realised that I had paid £6.50 - the card was well received and to this day, is framed on wall of my friend.

      Not much help am I?

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        dont sell yourself short!!

        I have the same problem with my cards. Did my first craft fair recently and had no idea what to charge. There was another exhibitor there with cards which were apparently cheaper than mine and a few more people seemed to be buying hers but the cardstock and the embellishments looked much cheaper and so I am sticking to my prices as the quality materials cost me more and I am happier to spend a bit more and sell a better product cos I am sure I will get some repeat business eventually after a few fairs! Fingers crossed!!!
        I have not seen your cards yet but if they took you a lot of time and effort make sure that you charge a decent sum for them and dont sell yourself short!! You can always put the prices down a bit later but its very difficult to put them up!! I aim to make between £1-£2 on top of the cost of each of mine depending on if they are simple and quite quick or take a longer time if that helps. I dont think that is overcharging as the ones in the shops are a similar price, if not more, for mass produced cards.
        Have just looked at your cards and they are lovely. It has made me decide its about time I put some of mine on. Would love it if you took a look and let me know what you think. I sell them for between £2 - £3 poss £3.50 for the large ones. Cheers
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          Just had a look at your cards and they look lovely. As already said don't sell yourself short.As we all know you get what you pay for and l'd rather pay for a hand crafted quality item than something l could knock up in 2 mins with no experience of card making.


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            card prices

            Hi everyone thanks for all the advice i think your right £2 to £3-50 is about right I have been selling them at a shop for about £1-50 and not been making anything back on what I've spent and it's true I've seen cards in card shops for up to £8 and it's only been printed no handmade work at all so I will give the new prices a go thanks alot and i'm glad you like my cards.


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              Hi Kim
              Speaking from experience I have found that people will pay a lot for a card if it is for a special occasion. I make cards for a living and the average price of my cards is £9.95, some of them even go up to £15.00, taking into account the cost of the materials and the time I take to make them it would not be profitable if I sold them for anything less. I do offer a personalised service though so customers can add any text to the front and the insert of my cards which tends to be quite popular as they like to add the name of the recipient to the front of the card or personal messages. But whatever you do don't sell yourself short, there's no point slaving for hours making cards if you are earning pennies from it! Suzanne x
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                Double the cost of the materials used (including the envelop/box) and add on an amount for your own time.

                Have faith in yourself and your product and you'll sell ;D

                (Wow, I sound like an advert... sorry bout that!)
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