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Anyone thought of doing a Jewellery only show?

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  • Anyone thought of doing a Jewellery only show?


    All I read these days is that there are to many Jewellery makers for shows. So I'm thinking that someone should be organising a Jewellery show. I've looked at prices of having a show in Kingston-upon-Thames, Kingston Library has a Hall they hire on the edge of town. It could be feasible though cost would be around the £50 mark for a table, as all the advertising, leaflets, insurance, etc around the London area is expensive.

    If anyones interested I'll look into it more, but I would need atleast 30 people. PM me if this would be of interest to you.


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    Hi Sian, fab idea hun!

    We get the same response too. Had a reply from the people who run craftfolk this week and have been put on their database, FOR NEXT YEAR!!!!!

    Them tell me they only let 5 jewellery pitches for about every 30 pitches, they say its to keep variety.

    But I'm sure an all jewellery fair would work just aswell, but too far for us I'm afraid
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      Hi Sian

      What a great idea, go girl and buck the trend!!

      I too agree that there are too many people putting restrictions on how many people selling one particular item there can be at a show.

      I can understand if the venue is very small and advertised as a craft fair, people would be expecting a choice, but if you can advertise as a jewellery fair or jewellery and cards fair etc. then go for it.

      Good luck with the idea!!!



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        It sounds like a great idea but I am going to play devil's advocate and ask.
        As a jewellery maker would I pay £50 for a fair where I was competing against 10 other jewellers? Sorry, probably not.
        That's not to say it isn't a good idea or that it wouldn't work, it just wouldn't appeal to me.



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          jewellery only

          Hi Sian

          I might be interested depending on when you were planning to hold the fair.

          I know there are is a jewellery only fair at Whiteley Village near Southampton in October & there was one fairly recently in Richmond, I don't know if anyone on here took a stand or visited and could tell you how well attended they were.

          I know this is a bit of a chicken/egg situation but I think you would have to have quite a firm idea of date, advertising etc, especially with a new event, before you will get people prepared even to say they may be interested. In this economic climate I think we are all more cautious about paying out stall fees & need reassurance that we have the best chance of maximising our profit.



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            I can see both views on this, although I lean more towards Silvermaid's view - I would have to give a serious amount of thought to spending £50 on a fair, nevermind if it was all jewellery.

            Personally, I won't do a fair that DOESN'T restrict the mix of crafts in some way, the last thing the public want is too see a load of stalls of the same thing, unless it is a specific type of fair. It's also unfair on the stallholders - a little competition is heathly and keeps us on our toes, but too much can end in price wars which is no good for anyone.

            Jewellery fairs can and do work, there is one at a large stately home (can't remember which one) that is very popular. It is quite a high end show, and although all jewellery, they limit the designers of each type of jewellery, so there is a mix of beaded, silversmith, dichroic, etc.

            I think it's a good idea, provided the location is right for the demographic of shopper you want to attract, and that it is advertised extremely well. I'de be interested in attending at a slightly lower stall cost, and not in London, as it's a teeny bit too far for me

            Good luck if you do decide to go ahead - it can definately work with the right planning.

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              I have organised craft fairs for a while now. My rule of thumb wuth jewellery is as follows:

              I dont mind having 4 or 5 stalls selling jewellery at each event providing that they all do different types. If someone did something really unusual I may be persuaded to let them in too!!

              Variety is the spice of life!!

              At the end of the day all jewellery crafters out there have their own unique designs and ideas - what one customer doesn't like another may love!! Why restrict your audience!!
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                Hi Sian

                How funny, I was just thinking along these lines this morning. I don't make jewellery, but the audience for buying it must be huge: almost everyone wears it, and not just women.

                I think it could do very well if marketed right, and especially if you could get a write-up in your local paper (maybe link it to the credit crunch, and how small businesses need support?? or how they are trying other tactics to stay afloat?).

                And because it is marketed as a jewellery fair, all customers there would be interested in jewellery!!

                Fab idea! Good luck!!
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                  When I read the first post here my immediate thought was "Wouldn't you mind the competition?"

                  As others have mentioned, personally I prefer to exhibit at a fair where I know that the organiser is strict on having a varied range of crafts.

                  For example, I have looked at exhibiting at some of the larger trade fairs just for ceramics such as Hatfield. I would run the risk of having so much competition and perhaps not selling as much as at a general mixed craft fair. Although on the other hand I would be able to meet other stall holders spe******ing in ceramics, share tips/ideas etc, and I would be garunteed to be surrounded by customers who come to the fair because they know it is all ceramics, and that is what they are interested in.


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                    Hi all,

                    Thank you everyone for very valid points. I think I would have to see what each person made and restrict stalls according to type. Jewellery is so varied that I would expect to be able to have a Fair without crossing to many toes!

                    I am doing Whiteley this year, though that doesn't help me much now and I did attend the Richmond show. Very classy but expensive stuff there, it was very well attended.

                    I don't know if I will be able to stage a Fair this year as I am running out of time, what with attending Fairs to sell. But food for thought.



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                      Jewellery Only !!

                      If any of you are within the Royston area or are prepared to travel , I have arranged a " Jewellery Only " Christmas Fair on the 21st November at the Heritage Hall in Royston. This has come about because I have had to turn many jewellery exhibitors away from my other shows this year. Unfortunately to give everybody, both jewellery and other crafters a fair chance at the other shows I have had to restrict the jewellery stalls to approx 10% of the stall numbers. Even with the Jewellery only show I am having to limit numbers of each type of jewellery to give the public a wide range of choice. To book for this fair please e mail me on the address below. There are fourteen spaces left out oftwenty five stalls but these are going fast.The cost is £29 for an eight by six foot space with one six foot table. Electricity is limited to wall stalls only so please specify if you require this. Lighting , however , is good in the venue.
                      [email protected]

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