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How much stock to take part in a Fair ?

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  • How much stock to take part in a Fair ?

    Need your advice people!
    How much stock is needed to have a stall at a fair ??
    (got an average of 100 unique pieces - but a bit scared that it will not be enough)
    I usually work on a "made to order" basis, I think it might put potential customers off though...

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    For me it's hard to know unless it's all laid out but all i can say is if you sold a 100 pieces you'd be laughing all the way to the bank. Sorry not very helpful but some of the people here have done a dry run and shown their stall may be worth doing this and posting the picture then getting the advice. Worth a try. A dry run gives you chance to work out how long it would give you to set up your stall and how to package it too. Good luck


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      We have recently done our first show too. I was also worried about our stock as a lot of our stuff is personalised. But I was pleasantly surprised at how many people placed orders and showed no sign of worry at paying on the day and trusting us to do the work and post out to them.

      Obviously we know we are trustworthy but was nice to know that other people saw us that way too.

      I think that if people like what they see then they are quite happy to wait until you make it especially for them.

      Fingers crossed that it all works well for you.



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        This is a difficult one to answer.

        It doesn't always follow that the bigger the event the more sales - though often does.

        I usually have a selection of each product on display and than have back up stock under the table.

        As you "make to order" you could take a photo of each piece and have them bound in an attractive book - sort of hear's one I made earlier type thing.


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          How much stock

          On a average 6ft table I normally have about 50 pieces of jewellery. I make unique pieces too & arrange them in colour groups so the table looks more co-ordinated.

          I would definately mock up your layout before you go, personally I aim for the attractive boutique/jewellers window look rather than Claires Accessories! It will save you a lot of time when you set up as you can pack in order & will know where everthing is going.

          Sometimes I take a few extra pieces if I think that when any of the major items sell the table will look bare. If anyone wants anything in different stones/colours they have usually been happy to order it.

          Hope this helps.