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Good Idea... if only.

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  • Good Idea... if only.

    We visited a craft fair last year in a village called Worsthorne, near Burnley. It was held in a Church hall upstairs and down, and it was on for 8 days, a Sunday to a Sunday. The Church itself was decorated in a theme, and they were selling the most beautiful refreshments. Stall holders didn't have to be there themselves, as they had "volunteers" taking money and noting down sales. Presumably they charged a commission. It must have been great fundraising for the Church and imagine 8 days of sales opportunities for crafters. It was really busy when we went, and it was only a weekday.
    This event has been held annually for 40 years!

    If only we had something similar in this county, a really good chance for a Church to raise funds. Anyone have any contacts?

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    I know the one that you are talking about, and it's also very hard to get into.


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      They had a similar type of fair at xmas at a local stately home. The tables were set out in an E shape with each person having about 6 ft of space. People shopped as if in a supermarket from all the different tables and then paid for them all together at the till. It was very popular but also very hard to get into.
      Last year they decided they would make more money by hiring out the hall than holding a fair.



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        This sounds fab! what an opportunity and what a shame I don't live nearby either!

        Thanks for sharing that.