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    Hi All

    First time visiting this site... It has some very useful information. After finishing uni I travelled around the world to some exciting destinations... since I have been back I have been importing hand made ethnic items such as cushion covers, throws, wine holders, wall hangings etc. Some of the products are imorted direct and others are sourced from importering companiers within the UK.

    My question is do any of you guys know; does this make me elegible to sell my products at craft fairs? I know many of you who do attend these fairs make your own products. This is really the only site I have been able to find where hopefully I can get some advice.

    I enjoy attending craft fairs as a customer and would sure love to be able to sell my products at them.

    Thanks for taking time to read my posting, your welcome to add on any suggstions.

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    First of wellcome to the forum...

    Basically it really depends on the craft you wish to attend..

    Lots of craft will allow you to sell the above types of products but not all...
    The best advice I can give is to ask the organisers simple as that...

    Most well organised fairs have limits on say cards crafts say 10 stools so I'm sure that limits may be appiled to your type of craft products.

    Hope that helps...

    p.s we have a few organisers on this forum whom would be worth asking...

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      Hello and welcome to the forum.

      You have asked the 64 milllion dollar question about getting started in craft and I am sure my book THE ART OF SELLING YOUR CRAFT would be of great use. There is a great demand for imported crafts such as yours, but finding the right show can be tricky and getting it wrong very expensive!

      It covers all the topics you have asked about and will help you get started in what can be a complex industry!. It will advise you on how to select the right show for your products as well as essential set-up and presentation advise and basic business planning.

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