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    I did a craft fair yesterday, got up really early to get there, spent all day praying for sales, went home feeling miserable after only selling two cards. It ended up costing me money - stall fee was £16 + fuel to get there. I have to add though that it hasn't put me off. The event was well organised and there were plenty of people in, they just weren't spending. Events like these are great for getting tips and also for networking. I have a book of fresh ideas and if anything it's given me a boost for the next one.

    Katherine x
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    I know the feeling Katherine, spent yesterday from 8:00 to 4:30 sold nothing cost £15 + petrol. Plenty of people but none buying have another 4 booked for the rest of the year.


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      Hi Katherine - I'm glad you're not put off as this sort of day happens to everyone once in a while and can be really off putting but the good thing is you are getting your product out there and you never know who might remember you for later. At the moment money is tight for many people but often they go away, think about it and compare then realise they should have bought then & there ! So long as you are there, with your contact details on display etc then it was not a wasted day. Keep your enthusiam levels up and I'm sure you will do better another time.


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        Sorry for everyone who has had bad sales this weekend. It sounds like no one is spending their money right now. Hopefully things will pick up, don't be put off. Selina


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          Katherine, sounds like you could have gone to the same one as me on Friday. I only sold 4 things and that was a real push. Some others were selling and it was organized well and advertised. I'm not really sure what happened. It was only my second fair but I don't really know what fairs will be good. What makes a good fair? There seems like a lot of not so good fairs, I just don't know where to turn.


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            Glue+Glitter, I've just looked at your Etsy site and I think your items are brilliant - really unusual and different to what you normally see, and I think I'd be tempted if I saw them at a fair!!


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              Thanks Mrs shneebly, I do try to make everything affordable too. I did sell somethings and gave out some cards so that was better than nothing!


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                I did 2 events last weekend & made a small profit on one & a loss on the other. I know its hard for people with the recession etc but how long can we live on kind comments about our work? I am trying very hard to keep positive & it helps being a member on here & knowing that I am not the only one.

                I am doing Leeds Town Hall next saturday & hopefully all Natasha's hard work will result in a well attended & high spending event like Saltaire last month.
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                  Glad to see you haven't take it to heart Katherine. Can be hard to be positive at the minute
                  Lorna x

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                    Oh, I am worried now...I have my first fair in couple of weeks and really don't know what to expect. Is it best if I expect nothing?



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                      well done you for seeing a craft fair as more than just somewhere to sell. Some you win, some you dont, but providing they have been well organised and well advertised a craft fair cant be deemed a failure, you cant make the people come and even if they do you cant make them buy,

                      But as you say, you got some tips, met some people and had an experience.

                      Go you for the next one!
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                        friday washout


                        I was at my first fair friday (met you glue and glitter girl and did buy a lovely cupcake bookmark!) I was on the jewellery stand opposite you.

                        Was a washout, but I met lovely people at one I just wandered into in Coventry on Saturday, who gave me some good info - including this forum, which has already been heartening.

                        I'll let you know if I find info on good midlands events.



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                          I remember you! Thanks for buying from me!

                          I've not been to many fairs, but I found people just want complete bargains and the wholesale items seem to go more than anything else because it's cheaper. I don't like it when I got to fairs which have wholesale because I don't see how that is a craft fair.

                          I also think that some fairs need to be advertised as contemporary because there are so many good modern crafts that people create but if the footfall expect to see crochet babies cardigans and a few handmade cards they're not going to be interested in what they do see when they get there and the fair might not appeal to the people who would buy from us.

                          I also had a look at the Moseley festival but was a bit confused because they have more than 1 i think, but i found they do have an arts market which is £35 for 1 stall or £18 for half. There is a mega waiting list though! Typical.