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my horrible first craft fair

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  • my horrible first craft fair

    I went to my first ever craft fair today it was terrible not only was the weather bad but I sold nothing not even one card, the event was a complete disaster not many people came and the fair had been badly organized. Everyone that went was dissapointed I spent ages making things for the event and ended up taking them all back home with me, the worst thing about it all was it cost me nearly £40 my transport let me down at the last minuite so I was forced to get a taxi there and back which cost me £12 each way and then the stall fee was £15 and I made nothing I feel very depressed about the whole thing

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    Sorry to hear you had a bad day.
    Maybe next time will be better.

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      Sorry to hear your first fair didn't go well. Don't let this one put you off though. Fairs do vary depending on the organisation, promotion, location, weather etc etc.. Perhaps speak to fellow crafters in your area to find out which fairs they have done before and get their feedback on them. Fairs are a great place to meet other crafters so even if it's not a fair where you make a load of sales, use it as a chance to find out about other events and meet new people.

      When booking a fair, find out what sort of location it's in and how it's being advertised. If it's a regular fair maybe go along for a visit one month first, so you can see what it's like for yourself before sommiting to having a stall?

      Always take some business cards with you to fairs - even if you don't sell at the actual event you never know, someone might take away a card and contact you at a later date.

      The craftsforum is a great place to source fairs and find out who is doing them too.

      Hope this helps - wishing you lots of success for your future events!
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        Sorry to hear you had a bad day, hope it goes better next time too.

        Helena xx


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          Oh dear, better luck next time!
          Gail x

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            Hi Kimberley

            It sounds like you could have been at the same fair I went to - I had a bit of a pants day today too

            It does get better though - although all fairs can be a bit hit & miss the best thing to do is keep cheerful, look upon it as a way of advertising to people that you're out there, and as Katianne said, make sure you take loads of cards to give out to people - it works!!

            Keep your chin up

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              The week before Easter Sun has always been a poor trading time, we are well below our average takeings this week, And when we used to work the Sun markets, I never expected good days till Easter was out of the way.
              So go find another event and try again, is the only advise I can give


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                Sorry you had such a bad time for your first event.
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                  Sorry you had such a bad day, don't give up, better luck next time.

                  Jo x
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                    Oh dear a lot of gloomy news on fairs today. I do hope your next one is better. As urbtaf says I don't think this week is a particularly good week for fairs. I saw someone advertising an Easter fair for today and to my mind that is far too late, everyone has bought any Easter presents and certainly cards - a fortnight ago would have been a better time. I still have my first one of the year to come at the end of the month and it is only a small one, so I might be joining in the woe then!!


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                      i was at my 1st craft fair saturday past and sold 2 items, it was awful even the regular crafters were disappointed and same again was badly advertised and managed


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                        Good luck for next time Kimberley
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                          Don't worry Kimberley, my first was in London, i paid a fortune for it not to mention transport fees. I didn't sell a sausage!!It was badly organised, and there were only about 10 people walked through the door!

                          I don't do too well at fairs, but don't think of it as a bad thing, it is a great place to get out and meet people-and lots of fellow forumers!!!They are great places to get advice and see how your fellow crafters work.

                          Chin up hon'
                          Dee x
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                            Aww that's tough, especially as it was your first one, fairs are always hit & miss, the last one I did was awful & I ended up at a loss, the one lesson I learned from it is to ask beforehand how much advertising is being done, as the one I went to was badly advertised & how many of each stall they allow, as there were too many of us selling the same thing i.e. cards.

                            Don't give up, and hope your next one is a success
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                              Sorry you had a bad experience! Just think how good the next one will be in comparison!!