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    I am going to start selling my crafts at craft fairs. I have never done these before, has anyone got any tips or advice for novice like myself.

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    all i would say is, make sure you have a mock set up of your stall before you go so that you know what looks good where. Have a nice cover for your stall (i use black as i think it shows up my jewellery better). Once youv done a few fairs you might want to invest in a banner with your logo on it, to hang at the front of your stall.
    Take a book. It can be a long day sometimes. And relax and be nice to the customers. dont jump on them, but say "Hi!" and let them browse.



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      I'd say use a big table cloth. Then you can hide a multitude of sins under the table.
      Start minimal.
      Thoughts will come to you about how to improve things.
      Use what you've got eg. I use my empty boxes to make impromptu shelves (and sling the big tablecloth over the lot to tie it altogether visually).
      Take business cards.

      Best of luck


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        A float. You need a float. Your first customer will want to buy something for 50p with a £20 note. And so will the next. And the next.
        Start collecting £5 notes and £1 coins.


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          Have a good search on here, there have been lots of similar threads recently.
          I have only done 1 myself and would say that all the usual plus business cards (lots of people take these). Make sure people can try jewellery on and touch it (unless you dont want them too). A small mirror is also very useful.
          I spent ages worrying about my layout, have a look at my photos here.
          Good luck with it.


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            I think organisation is important!

            As mentioned above, make sure you do a mock set up of how everything will look before you go, your'll be surprised how quickly the time goes when you are setting up and its easier if you know where everything is going to be placed. Take photos of your set up and then refer to them on your camera when setting up.

            If you don't have a nice big banner yet, why not make your own out of A3 card, and get in laminated.

            Give your table different heights to vary the display of your items, make the display look interesting instead of having everything flat.

            It would definitely be useful for you to read my thread "How do you approach people that come to look at your stall?" - some really helpful and useful comments there.

            Keep spare stock under your table to replace any purchased items on your table.

            Try to display as much stuff as you can without making your table look over crowded. You want to show off everything that you can do, because one person might dislike a particular item that is displayed on your table, and they might love an item that is hidden away underneath, but they cant see it!!!

            Good luck and let us know how you get on


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              Good luck with your first event!

              Heres a list off the top of my head:
              Table cover (something that looks classy, black velvet is good from . fabricland, just not a worn old discoloured sheet!) If you're outside consider how you'll stop the fabric blowing around lots
              Chairs (you will regret it it you forget, speaking from experience!)
              Float - lots of change, and a money belt or something to keep it in
              Price labels - stuff needs to be clearly labelled, if not some people will be put off
              Tools, so you can change things if necessary
              Wear layers so you're hopefully not to hot or cold
              Food and drink, so you dont spend all your hard earned cash
              Some of your supplies, in case you're asked to change something
              Simple things to make, to attrach interest
              Blutack, sellotape, masking tape, bulldog clips, highlighters, pens - always come in useful
              Sales sheet to record sales
              Business cards and plenty of them
              Paper to take down peoples contact details/requirements where applicable
              Bags of some description to put your items in when they're sold (put business cards in them too!)
              Silver polishing cloth to give things that extra sparkle before you hand them over
              Plenty of spare chains of varying length
              If you pin things to boards to display then you'll want to take extra pins
              Receipt book (carbon copy thing) as you should be able to give a receipt if asked
              Definetely have a mirror somewhere on display
              If you have the time/space/inclination, do a couple of A4 posters with some info about you and your stock and laminate and display them
              Bring a happy helper, other half, friend etc so you have someone to keep you company, help you set up and set down and mind the stall when you go for toilet breaks. Other stall holders will "toilet watch" for you if you cant bring someone however.
              If you have it, bring a tray to work on, as its a lot easier to drop a load of beads when you're not at a desk or whereever you usually are. also harder to find them!

              I would disagree with bringing a book, you'll only be tempted to read it, and this can put people off.

              Thats all I've got for now, hope this helps, I'll add anything else I think of. Sorry if its a bit longwinded!!!

              Good luck, let us know how it goes!

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                SDJ! Spot on list but you'll put her off!
                Dimpes - that's what you'll take to your SECOND craft fair

                For your first fair you need a table and your stuff. Everything else is icing on the cake. Your neighbouring crafters will take pity on you and lend you anything you forget.........the first time.....they may not be so patient if you try it twice.

                If it helps - I have a box and all that stuff SDJ has mentioned is in it and stays there and it come with me to every fair.



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                  Also quite useful to have a list of what you took on your computer if you use one. You can then delete the things you took that you didn't/won't need and add anything you had forgotten. Then for the next fair you only have to get your list and tick things off. I found mine grew in the first year and now it is just a question of making sure everything on it has been dealt with before leaving for the fair (for instance some items are seasonal, but just cross those through rather than ticking them off).


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                    Treat your first event as a learning curve.
                    Make notes of what works/doesn't work.

                    You will make loads of new friends to swap ideas/future events with.

                    Take a smile and a sense of humour!!!

                    Most important - enjoy it.

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                      My usual tip - get some lights. A must nowadays.