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Fed up in Norfolk!

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  • Fed up in Norfolk!

    Hi everyone

    I'm new on the forum, I've been really busy these past few weeks beavering away making lots of lovely jewellery only to find.....

    I have nowhere decent to sell the stuff here, I just did a craft stall last saturday and you could count the amount of folk coming through the doors and out again on one hand (all with empty wallets), if it wasnt for my mum's neighbour popping in and buying a necklace I wouldnt have made the friggin' fee, I have also applied to Alby crafts to rent a unit there and I'm still waiting to hear back from the guy in charge wether I can have it or not.. also applied to an organiser in Weybourne only to find out she's got too many jewellery stalls already ~ I GIVE UP and I've only just started

    Sorry to start on a sour note but I'm not feeling too good right now folks!


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    Sorry you are finding it tough at the moment I think you will find we all are. I made a lot more cards than I do now but have almost stopped as the market is currently flooded with card makers, as mine were keepsake versions and could take up to 1.5 hours to make I could not compete with the cheaper styles. Also the same with jewellery, so I have gone back to what I started to do and have been trained in sewing and embroidery with textile design.

    You need to make some items that are different from the norm have a research time of visiting fairs see what everyone is doing then think out of the box, you may find a niche that is not currently covered.

    Good Luck with your venture


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      Nice to see you here. You chose the right place, we listen to moans as well as applaud success. We have all been there at one time or another.
      God helps them that help themselves.


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        to the forum, dont worry it gets better


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          hi and have you thought about jewellery parties people on here seem to do quite well at them. I also make jewellery and have my first fair in a couple of weeks, all very scary once i hopefully make a few sales i'm hoping to do some parties friends and family first I think.






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            Sometimes you have to look around at where you could do your stall... Don't give up just yet, sometimes one fair goes well and the next will be awful, it's the nature of these things.

            Keep positive and lets hope you'll have more success another time
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              First fair

              My first fair was last easter, it snowed, hardly any one turned up & I sold just one thing to another stallholder for £7.50.

              But from that I was invited to another fair, I found out some valuable info about other events & the stallholder who bought the £7.50 bracelet has gone on to buy more than £100 of jewellery from me over the year.

              So the only way is up!

              good luck



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                hiya and welcome
                don;t give up and keep your chin up you always have good and bad but hopefully the good outweighs the bad

                FYI i am visiting a venue in Norwich tomorrow to look into holding an xmas/winter fair there so will post on the forum if we book up

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                  Thanks a million for your support! I feel much better now

                  If your going to have a xmas fair HD ~ count me in!

                  I have a friend taking me to Alby crafts on saturday morning with some samples of my handmade work so I can view the units for rent there..wish me luck guys, I hope to work something out to get this baby off the ground!

                  Also...I've sold a lot to workmates and neighbours here, they come round to the house to have a look and buy the jewellery for presents, but I havent enough people to round up for a jewellery party tho'

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                    Originally posted by Sueanne View Post

                    Also...I've sold a lot to workmates and neighbours here, they come round to the house to have a look and buy the jewellery for presents, but I havent enough people to round up for a jewellery party tho'

                    if they all bring a friend the numbers soon mount up.
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