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How far do you travel??

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  • How far do you travel??


    I was just wondering as I am starting to book in more crafts fairs how far you are prepared to travel to each of them?



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    If it pays I'll go anywhere!


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      313 miles approx 5 & 1/2 hours drive if you don't stop for a wee

      Newport, Shropshire to Perth, Scotland for Potfest 22 -24th May.
      313 miles approx 5 & 1/2 hours drive if you don't stop for a wee.


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        5 & 1/2 hours drive if you don't stop for a wee.

        I would have to stop about 11 times, so if you could work it out again please lol


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          (sorry - drifting a bit) Were you at the Potfest last year by Llanrhaedr (Denbigh) - interesting it was.

          Back to the original question - I wouldn't go more than 50 miles for an average one day craft fair.

          If an event involves stopping overnight then you need to know that you'll make good sales and/or contacts.

          The amount and time you're prepared to spend on travelling does depend on the type of event and the style of items which you make.
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            Being in the centre of the country is great, I can go for miles in any direction.

            If it is the right place, where people spend the right money or for the right exposure, I will go anywhere.

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              Generally within 20 mile radius, this is because I am not that confident about travelling to places I do not know. If I know them like Brighton which is about 50 miles then yes I will go. Stupid I know but if somewhere new always make hubby come with me for a pre day trip, if you get my drift.


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                Because I am one of that strange breed of people who don't drive I am restricted to a smallish area as my husband takes me (and it would not be his idea of fun to hang around for the day helping!!). So it needs to be within about 15 miles - which is pretty restrictive as not a lot happens within that area - so that he can go home and enjoy the peace and pick me up at the end of the day. I am fortunate in that there are two towns within 2 miles one way and 4 the other which have some events, as well as the villages around here.


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                  I live in Northamptonshire and am doing my furthest craft fair yet this year, in Bristol. It is at the Bristol Balloon Fiesta, for 4 days. I've been to a few others that are too far from home to drive back at the end of each day, so I camp on the site! It's actually quite fun


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                    Little village fair = half an hour's drive.
                    Big village fair = 1 hour's drive.
                    Whole day entertaining a school = 2 hour's drive.
                    Very big important 3 day fair = 3 hour's drive.

                    I hate the M25 and I hate setting the alarm for 5am to avoid the traffic jams on the M25.

                    I love the friends who offer me a bed for the night on the long or far away dos and I love my van which I can sleep in if they don't.



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                      We used to stay away for days in the 1980's moving from venue to venue with trusty caravan in tow. As we spent less time attending the fairs we tended to stay at a local hotel over a 2/3 day event. Never liked to do 1 day fairs - too much bother in setting up.


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                        I tend to think it hours drive rather than miles as well....

                        1 to 3 hours depending on how big the event is but for the right money I would travel anywhere,lol
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                          I try to book fairs within a 60 mile radius generally, although would go further for a big event!!
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                            Yes I had a stand at the ClayArt Denbigh Show,

                            Yes I had a stand at the ClayArt Denbigh Show, but its not running this year.
                            The next big Ceramics Fair that we will do is Earthmarque at Buxton


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                              I'd love to be able to travel all over the country doing fairs, the driving and time involved doesn't bother me

                              However, as I have two young children who have to come along, two day events are a bit hard (anywhere) and also the further the travel the earlier the set off and the later the return, so I am restricted by that.

                              At the moment I am looking to do one later in the year which is about an hour (just over) to get to, providing I don't get lost on route!! Give it another 3 years and I will be able to get further afield, that's if craft fairs aren't extinct by then!!!
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