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  • would you go back?

    I had a stall at a craft fair today. It was at a local woods where they have regular nature walks. I found out about it from my local newspaper. I found out today that they have fairs on the first saturday of each month.

    I think I did ok...I took £45 on a mix of cards and jewellery. But the big thing is that it was free! So £45 is better than it would be at any of the other fairs I've been to!

    So I'm thinking that I will prob give it another go next month as its free but how long do you do that for? I don't think I would give up too many saturdays for £5 an hour after working hard all week but I really want to sell my stuff and get it out there for people to see.

    What would you do?

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    I think if you haven't got anything special on then go along and earn a bit of extra money and, like you say, get known there as a regular crafter. Even if you did it every other Saturday or once a month, and it's come they don't charge? Anyway, well done
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      I'd give it a few tries - you still have 3 other Saturdays in a month and you need to gauge whether today was typical.

      Can you take something to make while you're there? (then you're not just paying yourself for being "on duty")
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        I didn't ask why they don't charge (didn't want to give them ideas!!) But think its because its run by the forestry commission and its a way of them getting the public to the woods without a huge outlay for them! It works for me anyhoo


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          Originally posted by ElaineJ View Post
          I'd give it a few tries - you still have 3 other Saturdays in a month and you need to gauge whether today was typical.

          Can you take something to make while you're there? (then you're not just paying yourself for being "on duty")
          Yeah I took some stuff today. I normally do cos I get bored easily and think its a bit rude to read my book while customers are browsing! I even sold one of the bracelets I made while I was there


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            Hehe don't blame you! Ssssh, don't say a word
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              Brill way to do some 'local advertising'. I would suggest once a month or so to avoid getting too little free time vs work.
              How superb that's it's free! Hope it continues to work out well for you!
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                If I could get a free fair I would go as any exposure is good for business, however, I do appreciate if you work during the week it may be a struggle, this is my full time job now, therefore any fair can help pay the bills.


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                  I would say at as long as you enjoy doing it, then keep going. Once it becomes a chore and you dont look forward to a Saturday, then its time for a rethink.

                  I too am in work all week and from Sept to Dec last year I had just one day off, as most weekends were craft fairs.

                  Although the additional money was appreciated, my body is now suffering as a result of not listening to it when I should have done.

                  So, go with what your body tells you, not the £ signs. (If however, this was your full time job, then hey, go for it and keep going!)

                  Well done for finding a freebie fair !


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                    Go for it!

                    I would carry on doing it. Like a few people said, there's not many fairs that you get for free!
                    If you do it regularly, you might get regular visitors and then you can a reputation for always being there ("I need a piece of jewellery/ a card, I know I'll wait til Saturday and go and see the woman in the forest" - if that doesn't sound too dodgy!!! ). There's a regular fair round by me, and I was in two minds whether to keep doing it, but my mom said that people might get used to there being a regular place for them to buy your stuff, and they can spread the word for you.

                    I'm not sure if anything I've said has made sense, but it is Sunday after all

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                      I travelled quite a way to this event after reading about it on the forum. I had difficulty in finding the entrance off the road. No craft fair signs until after I arrived. I'm glad you sold some work but,after paying to park was surprised to see that the fair only had about 9 people exhibiting. It really was very dissappointing.


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                        Is this the same forest fair woodenlady or a different one?
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                          Yes, this was the event at Fineshade , Top Lodge which I visited on Saturday afternoon. I found this event from the forum under the post by Fair do


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                            Wish I had the opportunity to do a regular event, free of charge, I tell you I would snap it up with both hands!!!!

                            whether I took £1 or £100 I would still do it as often as possible!!!! there are not many things in this world for free
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                              Very little comes free these days in any walk of life - if you've got nothing else planned I would definitely go back. It's not just the sales, it's the exposure.

                              Best wishes
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