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Big event 23rd may mallory park leicester

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  • Big event 23rd may mallory park leicester

    Ive been contacted by ppc in the park, their a car magazine, their holding an event on the 23rd of may, their expecting 6000 visitors, stalls are £30.00 they were £50.00 but i managed to get her reduced as i said i doubt any crafters would want to pay £50.00!! you will need to bring your own stall 3x6 event starts at 9am finishes at 4pm, it does carry on through the night though but not for us!

    their looking for diffrent crafts, stalls, anything car related, childrean realted, bygone era related, ill be having a stall their, as i do tin signs and old telephones, plus my by gone era jewellery,

    If you are intrested contact michelle at [email protected], she then can decide if your sutible for the event and give you a booking form etc.

    NEW! PPC’s very own live event in 2009
    PPC in the Park. Mallory, Saturday May 23 2009.

    Saturday May 23 2009 Mallory ParkPPC in the Park is Europe’s most exciting new event for car enthusiasts. No other show combines non-stop live action on the track, some of the most amazing cars ever built on display in the paddock, and the chance to see PPC’s very own 27-litre V12 Rover and turbocharged Rolls Royce track-day car in action.

    You can become part of the action by booking track time for you and your car at just £12.50 per session (booked in advance). You can also watch the PPC £999 Challenge contestants battling it out to become the 2009 champion in the fastest car you can build for less than £1000.Slightly more expensive is the Dodge Dakota jet-powered truck which will be firing up its monster engine with afterburner.
    Then there’s PPC feature cars, the PPC team and their cars (including editor Will Holman’s 5-litre V8 Capri). And PPC’s technical guru, Dave Walker, will be holding a live Walker’s Workshop demonstration.To top it all we’ll be having a few shandys in the evening with a marquee and bar from the Ace Cafe - so bring your tent because camping’s completely free. PPC in the Park is 2009’s must-attend event.
    27-litre Rover SD1PPC’s
    Rolls Royce turbo
    PPC team and Staff Cars
    PPC feature cars (incl Duel Control BMW)
    All-day track action
    PPC £999 Challenge
    Lawn mower racing
    Power tool drag racing
    Jet powered truck
    Auto testing
    Auto jumble
    Discount track time
    Evening entertainment
    Walker’s Workshop live
    Tuning part trade stands
    Rolling roads
    Data logging seminar
    Kit car rides.
    Attractions include above list.
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