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  • Censorship!!

    Only being able to access a pc in the mornings I wished to be able to reply to certain remarks on the thread "waste of time craft fair" and found that the thread had been closed. I was also advised that certain replies ( pages ) had been removed.
    Entitling a person to Right of Reply is , I would have thought, the same as Freedom of Speech in this country.
    "Forum = A meeting or medium for an exchange of views"
    It seems to me that if the "exchange of views" is not going the way that the moderator or other long standing contributors would prefer then the thread is closed without warning and pages of replies are removed.
    I would be very interested in comments on this.
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    Right to reply

    I agree that you should have freedom of speak , but lets be honest the thread was getting rather BORING!!!!!!! How many times on here have the same things been said over and over again.
    The thing is, a good craft fair organiser should ensure that they do the best they can for exhibitors and visitors alike, but ultimately you cannot keep everyone happy.!


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      This is a forum, and as such is moderated. The thread you mention had deteriorated into personal abuse and insult between three 'organisers', and to save it getting worse I closed it, and deleted inflammatory posts. This forum is read a lot of people, of differing sensitivities, it is not going to be portrayed as a platform for members to openly criticise each other's business practices. It is also not a democracy, although we try to allow as much freedom of speech as possible, it will be moderated if it goes too far in our opinion. I would be interested to know of any forum which works otherwise.


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        Thank you for your reply.
        Obviously any forum must not descend into personal abuse and I fully understand removing those entries.
        However, it would have been useful to many organisers to see how other people make money out of an event. Those who organise an event just for the good of their health are now becoming few and far between.
        Some of us are trying to make a living from event organising on a larger scale but without exploiting the genuine crafters out there by charging exhorbitant prices as some of the big companies do.
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        Link to Events List for 2010