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waste of time fair.

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  • waste of time fair.

    oh my god, what a waste of time today has been ....
    Pitstone craft fair, it was cold in the hall and we had 5 customers between 15 stalls.... is that taking the p+++ or what.
    i sold 2 bags which was £13 but the stall cost me £15.
    Never again.

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    Sorry to hear you had a negative experience ...or did you? You sold two items, almost covered the cost of the stall and 'showcased' your craft to at least 20 people could have done a lot worse!!

    Cheer up!

    Fair Do

    Fair Do's!


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      Oh i did that one today as well.
      Dont worry no one made their money back!

      Im glad I didnt pre book the others


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        been there and done that many times and say i'm never going that again until the next fair comes along
        while i knit i think


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          was there many people through the door, and they just werent spending? or was there no people through the door either?


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            5 customers and 2 purchases, just think what would have happened with 500 customers, 200 purchases maybe?


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              5 customers is to be fair very poor, what did the organisers say ?
              thing is £15 tables do not allow for any advertising to speak off so sometimes you do get what you pay for

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                5 customers!?? seriously? Did they do any advertising. thats ridiculous. At least you nearly made your money back I did one and sold nothing on a £15 table. it is so disheartening isn't it.


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                  That is gutting!! Hope your next one has a better turn-out and makes up for the crap one today.

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                    bad fair

                    the thing that got me was i drove 65 miles,,,, to attend a craft fair thats been running for 4 years and is a big hit with the locals.(so its says)

                    so i get there and all day long 5 people walked in.
                    my 2 sales came from the lady who runs the hall. so i did,nt get a sale from a walk in customer . i think me and a knitwear lady are the only 2 who sold anything from 10am till 4pm .... thats not good.
                    i made £13 had to buy lunch at £3 and a tea petrol. i think i,m down
                    - £15 ...


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                      This sort of thing makes me wish that more fairs charged each crafter for a percentage of profits rather than a flat rate. That way the fair organisers have to ensure a good footfall etc. Unfortunately I believe that for every good craft fair organiser (who breaks their back to sort out advertising, promotion and other issues) there are at least three more who will just take the table money and make do with an A4 poster outside the venue...

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                        Fair costs

                        Have seen this sort of thing over the years. I keep telling everyone to do their homework and visit first to get some idea of what the event is like. If you only paid a small amount of a stall fee what money do the organisers have left for their advertising? This is key to a successful fair. Do what we did vote with your feet and do not support the event again.


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                          For events that I have not done before I always ask:
                          For a large event, what is your advertising budget/where will you be advertising.
                          For a small event, are you making flyers/how are you advertising?

                          Having said that I recently did an coffee morning at local primary school - only advertised by send notes home in the 60 children's bags - i did brilliantly

                          I guess some you win some you lose

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                            Originally posted by HDevents View Post
                            5 customers is to be fair very poor, what did the organisers say ?
                            thing is £15 tables do not allow for any advertising to speak off so sometimes you do get what you pay for
                            Totally agree..Advertising does not come cheap these days. A small fair ( up to about 30 tables ) should be looking for somewhere around £25 to £30 per table to be able to spend enough on advertising in local press, local shops etc in order to bring the people in. The larger fairs should be looking at up to £100 per table for a weekend in order to cover the costs of press for a wider area, local radio, and street signage, as well as posters, flyers and banners.
                            Unfortunately some organiser rely on their "profit" from the stallholders rather than the public admission fees so don't worry about a public "no-show". If they were to make their money solely from the admission fees you would find a lot more spent on advertising.
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                              I disagree I have 20+ stalls, £15 each,

                              I have advertisded widely on the internet (6 sites to date), locally in shops with A4 adverts, including all the major local supermarkets, local press covering the whole area (3 newspapers and their websites and a free newspaper) on three local radio stations, leaflet handouts in several shops, local college and schools who have posters and leaflets. Large banner for outside the hall including bunting on the day. I also have car posters which several people are driving around with.

                              If necessary on the day we will be doing leaflet handouts in town too.

                              It can be done and
                              Not all organisers are money grabbers you know!!!!!!!!!!!

                              oh and I dont charge admission fees AND I give the crafters attending FREE refreshments all day

                              AND NO I AM NOT OUT OF POCKET!!!!!!!!
                              Reach for the moon-if you miss-you'll still be amongst stars