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I'm looking for crafters interested in wholesale!

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  • I'm looking for crafters interested in wholesale!

    Hi, I've been a crafter for many years and spent my fair share of boredom sitting at craft fairs and shows not making a busting lot of money. I am now biting the bullit and risking everything on taking a shop lease! Yes you may think I'm mad in the current climate - my husband certainly does. We have even moved house to a small touristy village in the Cotswolds and are opening a shop bang in the middle of the High Street and want to sell UK Crafts as most of the other shops import giftware and we want to be different.
    We should get the keys this week and be open in two/three weeks for the summer season and are looking for crafters who want to sell their products wholesale. We have advertised locally and are waiting for that to be published but will probably need more items particularly if they are different. Unfortunately we do have enough jewellers and glass fusing (thats what I do) but are looking for most other items, light enough make postage worth it if you are miles away.
    All products must be handmade and we will mark them up 100% as there has to be a profit in selling them as will pay VAT and thousands in rent. We will advertise any website you run and would like a photo and small intro about you for the visitors to read, however the website costs must reflect our shop prices. eg. we can't sell a bag for £25 if a similar one is on your site for £12.50.
    We are small with limited funds at the moment due to all the fees payable starting the business but hope overtime that we will be able to place larger orders with various crafters. Initial orders may be very small but we would rather order from lots of crafters rather than lots of items from one or two.
    If you are interested please email me at [email protected] with your craft/website address/pictures and approx costs and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I may get a call in the next day or two that the lease is ready for signing so I'll apologise now if I delay in replying as there is a ton of painting to do in the shop.
    Thanks for your time.

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    i've just added a wholesale page to my website so customers can order online now instead of over the phone...more to add but the basic's are there.
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      sounds wonderful...I do jewellery but I wish you all the luck, like you're hubby I too think you are being mad or very brave but I hope it works for you both.
      Handmade jewellery, to buy gifts or just to treat yourself visit my website, commissions welcome or join me on facebook for a chat


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        Hi Tracey,

        Did your market research tell you that there was a need for this kind of retailer in the town? I'm sure you've thought the whole process through completely.

        I think your intentions are admirable and I truly wish you massive luck with the venture ...but do please make sure you go into it with your eyes wide open!

        Sometimes it's the bravehearted that cut through against all the odds and make a go if it ...I hope you do ...but you are bonkers!

        Fair Do

        Fair Do's!


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          Hi Tracey

          I make jewellery and live miles away so no good as a supplier, sadly, but would just like to wish you all the luck you deserve. It's a brave thing to start a new business at the moment, scarey but brave! I'm sure you'll find lots of lovely crafters who can supply your shop and I like your ethos. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. And if you get a website up and running, post the link on here 'cos I always like a good nosey at these things!

          If beads were still currency, I'd be a millionaire!


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            Hi Tracey, i'd be interested. I think it's very admirable of you and i wish i had the money to do it! My dream is to have a coffee/craft shop in steep hill Lincoln

            I would be interested in stocking some of my bags with you I have sent you a mail x
            Dee x
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              Im Jewellery too but would look at doing sale or return pm me if you want to discuss it further, I do this already for a few stores

              But I wanted to wish you the best of luck x
              Ren x
              12High Street, Middleton Cheney, Oxon, OX17 2PB





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                Hi Tracy,

                So are you finaly breaking away from Leon?

                Don't know if you remember us myself and mum had a stall next to you at Uxbridge with the fabric photo frames.

                We are definatley still interested in your shop if your still interested in our product.

                Our website is up and running now which will give some examples of our work and prices, although the pictures aren't brilliant as were in the process of changing them

                Good luck and hope to hear from you soon.

                [email protected]


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                  Do your jewellery items include spec chains ? If not, I could provide you with some if you're interested,

                  Good luck,



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                    Thank you all....

                    Thanks so much to you all for all your emails/replies and good wishes.

                    We now have enough wholesale suppliers for cards, jewellery, fabrics/felts, fabrics/bags, fabrics/scarves hats, soaps etc but would still consider sale or return items on these or at least being put on a waiting list for future space.

                    Ceramics, wood and similar 3d crafts are still wanted on either a wholesale or sale or return basis.

                    Many thanks everyone.



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                      Wanted to wish you all the very best of luck, I dont think you are bonkers, if you are in a tourist area and selling something unique then I think you will have a market.

                      My mum keeps bringing up the idea of us all having shop in town and doing the same thing, unfortunately, Clacton-on-Sea because of being a seaside resort, carries very high rent and rates, not good when we would probably make most of our money in the few summer months.

                      Good on you for taking the plunge, I am sure you will prosper.

                      Reach for the moon-if you miss-you'll still be amongst stars


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                        Oooops ...I didn't mean to offend you when I said "bonkers" ...I meant it in a light hearted way ...sorry!

                        Fair Do

                        Fair Do's!


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                          Hi Tracey

                          Just to let you know I've sent you an email. Hope you like our link



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                            Hi, where abouts is your shop? I have family in the Cotswolds and would love to come and have a look next time we are visiting.


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                              Have emailed!