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  • First craft fair

    Hi folks I am looking to do my first craft fair this year but honestly don't no which one to go to, due to my health I will only be able to go to two. What I need to know is what aquipment will I need to take part and which fair would suite my paticular caft work.I have a sample of the things I make on my photo bucket album ,but mostly dog placks. Has anyone out there any sugestions. Mal Hull

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    There is another thread on this - started today - loads of info on it.

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      Whereabouts in the country are you Mal?
      I don't know if anyone could point you to a specific fair and say this or that is the best. A lot will depend on how much the tables are, travel distance for you and whether there is anything going on in conjunction with the fair that would attract customers to your stall. Your work is lovely, and I think it would particularly appeal to farmers/countrymen with working dogs, so maybe look for a country fair rather than a town centre village hall (that is just my best guess, I'm not an expert!). From my experience, every fair is different. Some go well, others not so well, and it can change from year to year. Personally, I don't expect to make much money so look for fairs that are local with low table fees. Keep looking on here and you will spot people promoting fairs that are local to you. Hope this helps a little.
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        Hope you sort your craft fair dilemma out soon Mal, Just wanted to say to the forum, and I love your work, its fantastic!