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WLondon Saturday Craft Fair & question

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  • WLondon Saturday Craft Fair & question

    I have posted before re. this but someone suggested to advertise it as West London as not many people know about Uxbridge as a location (I thought Uxbridge was a pretty big place myself but hey ho) and perhaps to mention we are not far from Harrow, Hayes, Acton, Southall, Slough, Heathrow - so here goes - 16 May - Saturday, Uxbridge Craft Market tables still available at £20 each. Actually, I looked at the venue this wekend and it is a lovely refurbished area overlooking and down into the old church glassed in with all the arches and beams still on show - has separate tea/coffee area with upstairs toilets.

    One question for you all which your thoughts would be appreciated on - I work as a legal assistant full time and my boss has said he wants a table to hold like a drop in solicitors surgery - I said, "but you havent got a craft" and he said "the law is his craft!" he wont charge anything to people on the day just give out his card and answer any "quick" questions and I was going to put his table at the back somewhere in a dark corner anyway - but what do you think about that - if you had a question would you ask him if you were there? Some of the proceeds will be going to Charity from this event and since he wants to pay his £20 for the table and I know alot of older people cant afford legal advice - good or bad idea what do think (he has said he wont "sell" or be "pushy")

    Thanks all - my first event so bit nervous with loads of questions and this site has been a great font of knowledge.

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    Well I guess he is your Boss!
    Putting my business hat on - he could stand to make quite a lot of money from this - we all know how much they charge

    I have been to events where a building society has part sponsored the event and the salesman has made serious money on leads etc.

    Why not ask him for a donation of say a pound or 2 for each lead (donated to the charity) that comes from the day or ask him if you can use his facilities for photocopying etc, or ask him to advertise his support for your fair in the local rag. Try and get a win win solution


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      Uxbridge crafters

      Jane thanks - brilliant idea about photocopy etc and even about a donation from his leads because I know deep down he could potentially get quite a bit from this so yes, I will do that and ask for a donation from any work he gets as a result of my event. Thanks.