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Best event in 2008. looking forward to 2009

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  • Best event in 2008. looking forward to 2009

    hi all really enjoying the forum. thought it was about time i done a post .. We all had some very poor shows last year lets cheer ourselves up by remembering the crackers .. you know the ones that were cheapish rents you didnt expect much couldnt really be bothered ..but they turned out to be a liitle gem that you cant wait to do in 2009 .
    mine was probably little gransden show good rent lovley organisers and customers and fine weather what more can you ask hope this year is as good

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    My best event of last year was a charity one in aid of the local chemo unit. It was only for a couple of hours with a donation for your pitch (10%) We had Mrs. Christmas there (Ruth who origanised it) It was a small event with only about 10 stalls in an out of the way village hall with no sign posting. It was a cracker and I did better there than anywhere else. The atmosphere was fantastic too. Can't wait to do it this year.

    However, I have more fairs this year, including my own and one I am helping with at the local Special Needs School, so I am hoping for a great 2009
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      thats the sort of thing iam talking about ... i hope your other shows go as well in 2009


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        I agree, the open house I did at my Sister's and at my home took far more money than I have ever done at the 'bigger fairs'. So have set a budget this year £15.00 tops with no expectations, a reasonable day out to chat to fellow crafters, sell a bit but most of all enjoy myself and network.


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          Lovely idea for a thread.

          The best event we went to last year was our own Christmas fair! I know it sounds odd and you're all probably thinking "yeahhhhhhhh right" but it's true! It's one of the reasons we were so keen on doing it again!

          Also we did OK at this little tiny village hall event in Holt. Which by all accounts would have done better if the local garden centre hadn't chosen that same night to have Santa's arrival complete with reindeer etc - the organiser was spitting feathers but we did OK so we didn't mind too much!


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            My best and worst events were on the same weekend last Summer.

            Saturday was a £5 stall fee in a tiny village, the sun shone, the Morris men were doing their thing, the local brass band was playing, lovely atmosphere and we took loads of money.
            Sun - £100 stall - 5 miles away from Saturday's event, the heavens opened early morning and didn't stop, very few public came (despite 2007 having 20,000 people). we just covered stall and diesel costs, some didn't take any money at all (I came home with trench foot!)

            That's the joy of our lovely climate - most of our events are weather dependant - takings do drop when it is raining

            Jane - who is praying for a decent Summer
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              Two best events

              It's a great idea to look back at what did work especially as I am struggling to get into events this year (too many jewellers) when I had thought it might be easier as its my 2nd year.

              My 2 best events were a school fair where I was invited the weekend before, the table only cost £10 & in 2 hours I sold more than £200.

              The other was a weekend at a family farm attraction, I didn't have to pay for the table, my 3 kids & my husband got in for free (would normally cost about £50), it was sunny, there was a great brass band and I sold about £100 of jewellery. What more could you ask for!

              This year I'm setting my sights low, just trying to stay in the game & keep my name known until the credit de-crunches, so any success will make me feel like I'm winning!

              Good luck to all for 2009



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                Can't think of any good ones really - never broke the £200 barrier, had some results over a 2 or 3 day show - but a lot of travelling and sitting there, pretending to smile !

                I'm afraid the most notable is on the downside......muddy site, tractored on, tractored off.....went home, didn't even set up - cost £120, 4 hours travelling and not happy

                This year - just as many booked in, but developing web sales and direct sales to other craft disciplines - hopefully drop a lot of duff craft shows.



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                  My best & worst for 2008 were;

                  Best - an evening fair at a school - I turned up after it had started (after being told the wrong time), was allocated a 2' square kids desk as a table & was shoved in a corner!!! I seriously thought about turning right around and going home, but sold loads on the night and took a couple of party & workshop bookings

                  Worst - a choice between 2 where I had no sales at either, but both were well organised and well advertised, just very very low foot fall at one, and the wrong audience at another (primary school kids mainly & mums focused on the tombola)

                  Just goes to show you can never guess what an event will be like before it's all done.

                  I've only got a couple booked for 2009 so far, I'm refocusing where I plan to sell, as fairs are OK at getting 'out there' but my best sales are from parties& through shops.

                  I'm also putting a stupid amount of hours into the planning of a big fair which I did start a thread about some time ago - I've got a meeting with the venue next week & should hopefully be able to make an announcement in a couple of weeks time re. dates etc, provided I can do a bit of persuading in terms of hire costs

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                    My best was 2 weeks before xmas in a very wet leaky marquee but was great!!!

                    The worst was the one I expected to go really well as it was in the centre of Bicester covered my table and £10 on top so not a disaster but I was disappointed

                    This year waiting to hear back on a few, I was meant to do one tomorrow but it has been snowed off

                    Im organising a few of my own just smaller village fairs
                    Ren x
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                      Where do you find events for £15?? Am struggling to find any less than £40, must be looking in the wrong places!!





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                        i only started selling things in winter last yr so have only been to two very small ones where i sold but not very much. so im looking forward to this yr where i can really get stuck into doing lots of bigger, well advertised craft fairs! fingers crossed for good weather and good sales for everyone in 2010.
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