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Do picture framers sell at craft fairs?

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  • Do picture framers sell at craft fairs?

    Hi everyone.

    I have a picture framing workshop as a hobbie, where i frame and mount prints, and while looking for possible outlets suddenly thought of craft fairs.

    I just wondered if anyone can advise me on whether or not framed and unframed art prints, posters and mounted prints tend to have a place at craft fairs?

    many thanks


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    There is a picture framer at my local market although it not a crafts only place. I've also often seen artists/photographers selling mounts and frames as well to make some extra money.

    Some craft fairs are very strict about selling only handmade handcrafted items made by the trader however if you are making the frames yourself in your workshop I don't see why you couldn't sell at craft fairs. You can only apply for a stall and ask.

    Personally I think it would be a nice addition to a fair. I find the framing stall at my market very handy as sometimes if people want one of my pictures framed or a different mount I can send them over there and it helps both of us get sales. Maybe other artists would feel the same way.

    I don't think you could sell art prints that were not your own (you don't say whether they are yours or not) at proper craft fairs though. That might not go down well. Mind some are not as fussy as they could/should be....


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      Thanks Elzi.

      I suppose i could advertise my services at a craft fair ie, canvas stretching, mount cutting, etc and also have my boards on show displaying various styles of moulding as a way of generating some extra income.

      I can see the point about prints maybe being a problem but as you say it may be down to the organiser and their policies.

      Thanks for the reply anyhow.

      If anyone else can add more answers to my question with their experience of sellers and organisers of fairs it would be most appreciated.



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        Yes, prints (framed and unframed) do sell at Craft & Gift Fairs (as opposed to strictly Crat Fairs). Also I have a framer (making his own frames) exhibiting at one of my shows.
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          We have a framer at our craft fair. She does pick up some business, but I think she sees it as a cheap way to advertise (our tables are only £5).


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            I make frames, I'm not a picture framer - I just make the mouldings out of trees !

            I sell some stock frames at shows, glazed and including mounts - no images, but more importantly pick up comissions for odd sizes for people who can't find the sort of thing they're looking for.