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    Hi, Is there anyone here from Northern Ireland (sorry just joined). How do you go about finding out about craftfairs and how do you go about getting a wee table to sell cards etc.

    New to this, and would appreciate any help on anything lol.

    Take care


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    I would like to know the answer to that, too! I have done a little bit of research into this on behalf of my neighbour and was told to contact my local council's arts officer. Craft NI also told me to contact the National Trust as they do craft fairs at many of their properties. I would be interested to know if there is a good way of receiving notice about craft fairs, though.


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      This is the result of entering 'craft fairs northern ireland' in the search bit.


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        hi girls i do a few fairs and will keep an eye out and give you a shout when i hear of any coming up ..... and a big welcome nice to see more crafters from our side of the pond the craic is great
        while i knit i think


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          Ireland is so beautiful, me and my fella had a very nice hol there the other year and i used to love going with my girly pals back when we did the hostel thing! Where abouts in the north you from? We are looking to go again soon

          You will find this forum very helpful, i hope you find some fairsx
          Dee x
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            Thank you everyone for your replies - I hope harleygirl doesn't think I am taking over her thread!

            A friend mentioned the Black Market at the Black Box on Hill Street - has anyone been to this?


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              hi Dee, i'm from Carrickfergus, well I have lived here two years.

              I don't know the black market, but my son has sang at the black box , i'm never really in Belfast much.


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                Northern Ireland /

                Hi Northern Ireland people,

                I'm in NI too.

                I'm not a crafter but I keep an eye on local newspapers and the internet for Craft Fairs.
                I post them here as well as on, Free Ads NI and

                There's an event taking place in Manchester which might interest some crafters
                especially if they produce items which are related to Ireland.

                It's the Manchester Irish Festival ... Friday 6th March - Saturday 21st March 2009
                This festival is now established as one of the biggest Irish Festivals in Europe.

                There are a couple of Community Markets taking place during the Festival.

                The dates are Saturday 14th March and Sunday 15th March.

                For more information about the Market contact John Flanagan on 07771 577 332

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                  Hello to you both and to the forum. Have you tried Stallfinder?


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                    Northern Ireland

                    How does the search facility on Stallfinder work?

                    I entered a Northern Ireland post code and 1046 matches.

                    Most of them were in England

                    Sites where you should find details of events in Northern Ireland include ...

                    Belfast Forum

                    Free Ads NI


                    Visit South Belfast

                    Keep your eyes on this post ... links to follow
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                      Hi Christopher,
                      Unfortunately we haven't got a lot of events listed in N.Ireland yet. If you entered your postcode without filling in the distance box to limit your search to 5, 10 or 100 miles then you'd see a list of UK events starting with the ones nearest to you. You can also search by county and event type.
                      If you're still unsure please pm or email me.


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                        Northern Ireland

                        Hi Gail,

                        Thanks for your reply.

                        I've posted you a PM.