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sharing double tables - etiquette??

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  • sharing double tables - etiquette??

    Hi, I'm new to all this and haven't done a craft fair yet. I've seen quite a few which are just a bit more money per table than I really want to spend at the moment - certainly until I see whether my stuff actually sells! But sharing a double table at some of them would be ok price-wise. Do fair organisers generally mind if 2 people share a double one, and would they mind if the 2 crafts were quite different so the stall looked like 2 rather than one big one (if that makes sense...)

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    If I have understood you correctly (which I might not have done) you are talking about the following situation:

    Example: At a craft fair a single table costs £10 and there is an option to have two tables for £18. You would then join together before the event with another crafter and book a two tables for £18.00 and then seperate them into two seperate crafters.

    If this is the situation you are talking about, I don't think many organisers would go for this. As they are the ones loosing out. I also think that other crafters would be put out by it.
    You could always be cheeky and ask if there is a discount for new crafters.... worth a try.
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      Well cant answer for all organisers but I know quite a few I have done have stated 'no multicraft tables' in their terms & conditions, if thats what you meant?


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        Hello, Yes you did understand correctly, I thought it might seem rather cheeky! Do people sometimes share single tables though? Then I suppose the fair organisers don't lose out, but the table could be a bit too busy with too much going on?


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          Sorry, missed your answer there Caz, cross-posts! Yes, no multicraft tables would cover that.
          Maybe I'll have to take the risk and pay a bit more for my first one. The only cheaper fair I've found so far sells all sorts, not just crafts.


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            It's down to individual organisers. I haven't actually come accross many who would allow it.
            At the last fair I attended where it was allowed, It looked a liitle over powering as well as confusing.
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              I haven't come across anyone sharing a table with two completely different crafts but I have known of some with similar crafts sharing. One had stained glass by one person and jewellery by another. They mixed the items together though, with the glass mainly at the back and the jewellery at the front so it looked neater. I have also seen tables with two different jewellery makers together.
              Some crafts will go together quite well like jewellery and handbags, cards and boxes, sewing and knitting or cards and card making supplies.

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                Be wary of fairs that sell 'all sorts' as they may be selling lots of bought in non handmade cheap 'tat'. I have been caught out by that & done fairs that claim to be craft fairs only to have a second hand brick a brac stall one side & a lady selling 99p market stall jewellery on the other. Why not try local schools or churches who may have Spring fairs etc, they are usually only around £10 a table. Thats how I started.




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                  while it is a nice idea to be able to share the cost of a table with a friend, most fair organisers are selling table space to
                  a) cover the cost of the hire of the hall
                  or b) raising money for a chosen charity
                  and also there is c) the cost of your table not only covers the hall hire but also advertising costs.
                  so after all this is taken into account there isn't a vast profit for the organisers unless it is done on a large scale. Which is why many organisers also charge a entrance fee.
                  I don't see that many organisers would agree to a table share, try looking for fairs that arn't asking alot like Cazpanda says , £10 is a very reasonable and realistic amount.

                  I agree as well with Cazpanda be very wary of a fair that has new and handmade goods, it can be very hard to compete with somebody buying their jewellery,soaps or bags from a wholesalers. ( I have had more than one run in with certain people at fairs telling me their soap buns are all handmade by themselves when I know exactly which large wholesale site they bought them from !!)
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                    Thanks for the replies. I think I'll phone around local schools and find out about any fetes coming up!


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                      I used to share with a friend. We did similar jewellery and the organisers were fine with it. We had clearly seperate halves. It did get confusing sorting the money if people bought things from both of us at the same time. Also not much fun if you share with someone and one of you does really well and the other really badly with sales!
                      I go to less expensive fairs on my own now and am happier!



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                        like Magenta I share a stand with my friend who also sells jewellery as it keeps costs down. We have a similar style and group things together irrespective of who made them -we know ourselves. Its never been confusing but yes sometimes one does better than the other but thats life


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                          hi Josey

                          We would be happy for you to share 2 tables should you be interested in our fairs

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                            I cant see that organisers would have a problem with you booking two tables, butted together and each person having one table each. My parents did this at a recent fair where tables were £15 each or two for £20. They paid £20 and obviously the two tables were joined but each table had its own crafts, in their case, one with stained glass and one with wooden plaques.

                            That does not look confusing for the customer, it just means that less space is taken up and so the organiser may be able to get more stalls in (because organisers give apprx 2ft of room between each table).

                            As an organiser I dont have a problem with that, I do however, have a problem with someone who books one table and then on the day two people turn up and put two different lots of items on the one table, eg mohair bears and pickles. This is what I and other organisers call "mixed crafts" and can be confusing. I don't allow mixed crafts at my fairs and I only charge £15 per table.

                            As someone else said above, the table money usually (well in my case) pays for the cost of the hire of the hall, advertising and refreshments (a perk I give to crafters. I dont do it for profit but to give true local crafters a venue to sell at.
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                              Maybe the best thing is to ask the organiser then.

                              Thanks HDEvents. Unfortunately your event in May in St Ives, which would be very convenient for me, is when I'm on holoiday. But I'll keep an eye on the site for future fairs nearby.