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Craft Fairs in Northern Ireland

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  • Craft Fairs in Northern Ireland

    Hi experts!

    Just discovered the forum and think its a great idea. I had no idea there was somewhere for so many like-minded people to share views and ask questions. I've enjoyed reading loads of threads already.

    Does anyone know of any craft fairs coming up in Northern Ireland - apart from the Belfast Craft Fair in the Ulster Hall in December - over the next couple of months?. With thanks in anticipation.


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    Hi Lin,

    I'm from NI too... I haven't heard of anything lately on the crafty front. If I do hear of one I'll post it here.



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      Hi Lin and Sandra,

      I'm from Northern Ireland.

      I'm not a crafter but am interested in events that take place in the Province as I post the details of as many events as possible on several NI based websites as the members of those sites tend to get out and about. Some of the sites have overseas members so if you're selling via a website and interested in sending items to Australia, Canada, GB and the United States then it might be worth your while joining

      I've posted information about three events that the National Trust are running on the Northern Ireland Fairs and Craft Fairs NI boards on this site.



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        I'm running a craft fair in Newtownards 26th April

        Hey guys,

        I love going to craft fairs and am just starting to try to actually sell at one.
        I'm running one in Newtownards Co. Down on saturday 26th April 1.30-5pm in the band hall behind the fire station on New Road.
        Running it through church to raise money for Northern Ireland Air ambulance.
        Got a fantastic variety of stalls lined up so would love as many to come as possible to support it!
        I got enough actual stalls for this time but gathering contact details incase I hear of anything else coming up.

        Also I thought I'd try to start a Northern Ireland craft fair group on myspace where people could speak of their experience and give a heads up for new events.
        So do search for it and add yourself and we'll see if we can get a free community up and running.
        It's craft fairs northern ireland -the URL is hasn't been working for me - I've had to search for it in groups!

        Have fun crafting! Oh yeah - i'm a B&W photographer btw and do other crafts and am experimenting with more.
        just google elwoodprints! - My Craft Challenge My Photography! Craft Website - Which I think I might add a forum to - what you think? My research into making money online!


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          a. This thread is older than Moses
          b. N.I. fairs are on this thread