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  • Clacton-on-sea

    Does anyone know where this is???????????

    I live here and even people 20 miles away have never heard of it!!!

    Please let me know as I am holding a craft fair in March and would really like people to join me from outside the area but no-one seems to know where we are!!!!!!!!!!
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    Well I know it is somewhere in Essex!! As a Northerner, I would not be travelling that far, but I am sure there are plenty of people with sat navs etc.
    The main thing is have clear advertising!! and lots of it!!
    Good luck



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      People don't know where Clacton-on-sea is?????? I can understand people outside the area not knowing but I'd have thought anyone in East Anglia would know straight away, maybe they never go to the seaside
      When I was a teenager we used to go there every year with our youth club, I even have photos of me swimming in the sea there (must've been a VERY hot year that year).

      I can imagine if you hold some fairs there in the summer you could do very well with all the tourists there.
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        I used to work there.
        I thought Clacton was great. It's got super Art Deco architecture - if you bother looking.
        I used to take the kids down there just to play on the amusements. They could spend all day on 50p. My husband an I were both brought up in seaside towns so the knack of winning those pennies out of the machines must be in the genes.
        Mind you ......some of the children who lived in Clacton (I taught in an Infant School) had never been taken to the seaside. Can you believe it?
        So we used to hire a double decker bus and have a day out building sandcastles and looking for crabs under the pier. Brilliant!
        There are lots of lovely lovely people in Clacton.
        Happy selling.


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          I know where Clacton-on-Sea is as my cousin lives there.
          I went there for a few days a while ago,I had a great holiday. I really liked the shopping centre and the seafront goes on for miles. It seemed so strange not to have little coves and rocks at the seashore like here in the west country.
          There seemed to be loads of tourists around, I'm sure you will do well if you have a craft fair.



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            Silvermaid - did you find fossilied sharks teeth on the beach?


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              ooh Clacton, only an hours drive from me. Mind you I always used to take the kids to Walton-on-the-Naze when they were small.
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                I didn't know there were sharks teeth there !! I would have been looking hard for them if I'd known. I will have to ask my cousin to keep a look out.

                I am a bit spoilt here though, only 15 miles away from the jurrassic coast at Lyme Regis and Charmouth where I have found lots of fossils and our land near the farm has loads of big ( 5"+) ammonites.



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                  I didn't know where it was until last year when my friend's husband left his position as our local church minister and is now minister at Pier Avenue Baptist Church in Clacton! I know where it is now!
                  Cathy xx
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                    I know where it is,my fella is from Colchester so we visit there in the summer when we go down. We might be able to pop down March time as I've been asked to do a couple of jewellery parties in Colchester next year
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                      My map of Clacton goes -
                      Park the car.
                      Head towards the sea.
                      Wander past (and round) the shops
                      Have fun on the arcades.
                      Do the sandcastle thing if the tide's out.
                      Do the pier if it's in.
                      Turn right for the best fish and chips, sometimes a circus and don't worry. too much if Jaywick looks a bit rough. The little chalet type houses are amazing.
                      Or turn left for Frinton commonly known for being a bit posh and exclusive and Walton with it's wildlife, fossilized wood and sharks' teeth.
                      Is the lighthouse still on the cliffs or has it fallen off?


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                        I am so pleased that I am not living in a black hole!!!!!

                        I am hoping my craft fair does well as it is in the church along from the Baptist one mentioned above and is on the junction of all the roads coming in and out of the town centre so footfall is heavy all the time and I ALWAYS advertise well.

                        The only problem I have at the moment is finding decent hand made crafters to come along. I also want to do some summer ones to get the tourists in

                        So if anyone could come along I would be MORE THAN GRATEFUL.

                        Thank you all again, Clacton is still a great seaside place and still very busy!!!
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                          Must admit I had not heard of it but now having read all these wonderful recommendations I may have to take my son down come summer, it sounds wonderful
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