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How did you get on this weekend?

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  • How did you get on this weekend?

    Just wondering how sales around the country were this weeeknd? Anyone at weekend fairs, was Sat or Sun better? big sales or are customers only buying little cheaper items? hope eveyrbody had a good one.

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    I did a craft fair in camberley it was ok i took about £70 which was jewellery sales and phoenix cards.

    My Jewellery went down a storm especially all the murano glass

    Helen Victoria
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      My faith is restored

      I did a fair on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday I made a £1 loss. It was a total washout. The man took the money and then disappeared to his office. One person left after an hour and asked for their money back.

      However, today I did Stockton Heath Winter Festival. This was the fourth one I have done and I thought if it didn't work today I would give in.

      My husband left after an an hour to go and get my gran and I had taken £9.00 when he came back I had £110 and finished the day on £140.00. I probably could have taken more but was running out of stock. I am now wishing it was only the start of November as I had so many nice compliments. - handmade stationery and cards - personalised t-shirts and clothing, work wear and hen and stag t-shirts.


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        We had a really good day today selling our photographs and cards. The day finished off with an Abba Karaoke for the stallholders and a party.


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          Did a fair yesterday just outside of Birmingham & did well despite it being quiet & not many visitors.


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            I took the princely sum of £2 today!!
            Not taking it personally though - the cake lady next to me did well, but the mosaic people on the other side only took £3. C'est la vie! Next one can only be better!
            Cathy xx
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              I suppose it all depends on what you class as doing well! For me it's covering the cost of making the items + the cost of the table and actually making a decent profit!

              So I didn't do very well today, as I only made a few pounds profit. For me, that's not worth missing my Sunday lie in for!

              The event was relatively busy but I don't think many people did that well.

              Wish I could find some more craft fairs nearer to me. Oh well.
              Why do tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow!!


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                abba karaoke sounnds great, wish i went to your fairs.


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                  Yep it was fun. We have decided to do it every year now at the last fair of the year. Wish I knew how to attach pics, I could post one on here. Next year we are going to do Queenioke.


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                    I did my first stall in a house! A lady organises a charity shopping event in her house. Christmas music in the background, tea/coffee/mulled wine & homemade cakes available. It was a lovely atmosphere, my 19 month old loved it - she got to play with other kids and enjoyed waving hello to the dog (though she kept running away from it too!). Best of all I got lots of sales and was really pleased. I took more than I've taken at a lot of craft fairs.




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                      I was outside at a christmas bizarre and had a great day allbeit a very cold day!!!
                      Ren x
                      12High Street, Middleton Cheney, Oxon, OX17 2PB





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                        I had a mixed weekend - 3 fairs, one Friday night, one Sat and one Sun.

                        Friday - local school xmas fair - I only afreed to do it as my MD at work is on the PTA - I was warned it wouldn't be very well organised. I turned up to set up at 6 (was told fair was 7-9) to find the fair was 6-8!!! I had a 2ft x 2ft kids table and no chair, but still managed to put about 1/3 of my jewellery on display and sold £62 in the end, plus interest in a couple of potential party bookings.

                        Sat - anoter local school - yet another badly organised one - no signs up in the village etc or on the main road. The organiser was nowhere to be seen all day!! Made about £10 profit plus another 1 potential interested in a party.

                        Sun - well organised fair on the inside of the hall, but no advertising done at all from what I can gather - just covered my table costs (about £1 in profit!)

                        On the upside, my mum has just given me a £50 commission for some xmas pressies for family as she can't be bothered to trawl the shops, and a girl at work this morning has just ordered a cluster ring.

                        I have my last fair next Saturday - hopefully it should go OK but who knows!!

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                          I did a fair on saturday, we got a reasonable amount of people in but they seemed to have a very strict budget. If they bought from one stall that was it. I sold a reasonable amount, but some of the others hardly sold anything.



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                            We did a school fair on friday which was ok. We covered costs and nearly hit our £100 target. Then Sat & Sun we were at the frost fait at Attingham park and for us i went really well, think others were struggling exspecialy jewellery sellers of which there were a lot. Loads of people walking around but most sales were low value. Our new range of childrens craft kits (all under £5) did really well and I sold out of manylines. So all in all very postive!


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                              didn't have any events this weekend, but got a call from a client on saturday morning asking if she could pop by for a present. I arranged for her to come between 3 and four and then later on I got another phone call from another client asking if she could pop in too. I set up a table with all my stock and between the two of them I made £100.00

                              Unfortunatly it made me realise how little stock I actually have and so am being rather frantic now.
                              I have a late night shoppping event on Thursday and then the farmers christmas market on saturday.
                              full time mum and very very part time crafter.