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Help plz, last years Blenheim palace xmas fair

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  • Help plz, last years Blenheim palace xmas fair

    Hi, I have joined this site because i am trying to trace a stall that was at last years fair, the lady was selling ceramic flower jewelry that i brought for my mother, she loved it but sadly lost one of the earings and has this year asked for another pair! i did have the web site on a piece of paper that came with them but i lost it they dont seem to be having the craft fair this year so will be unable to attend and hope to find her there. Does anyone know who it was there or buy any? i did email the palace to try and get a list of stalls for last year but got no reponse.

    Can anyone help please!

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    It looks like it was last weekend !!!
    You could try trawling through this list to see if you can find them. As it looks like they were in with the blenheim palace fair.

    I have found a post on another forum to say that was there in august maybe they could remember if she was there again. It's a long shot but you never know.

    Otherwise google images for 'ceramic flower earrings' ( or pendant ) and see if you recognise and photo's.