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How much for Santa's Grotto?

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  • How much for Santa's Grotto?

    Hi All

    Just wondering if any of you who do fairs regularly know what the going-rate is for Santa's Grotto these days? I am running a craft fair, it's a charity event, and I am not sure how much to charge into the Grotto.

    The fair is free entry, the present is a nice gift, not a colouring book, which cost around a pound. I will also be offering a photo in frame-card.
    I was thinking of charging £3.50 per child with present only or £5 with photo.

    Is this too much? The fair is to raise funds for the cubs.

    Thanks for any information/opinion you may be able to offer.

    cub mum

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    I recently did a craft fair which was £2.50 entry but santa was free. I think they got a small gift and people were taking their own photos of santa with their kids.

    As far as I could see apart from the stalls santa was pretty much the only attraction so effectively santa was £2.50 per child.

    Don't know if that helps at all?


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