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Big craft fair organisers......are those fairs worth it?

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  • Big craft fair organisers......are those fairs worth it?

    Hi all

    Just starting to think about fairs in 2009 and looking into bigger organisers like craftpeople 2000. Does anyone have any experience of dealing with the bigger it worth shelling out the extra cash? If so does anyone know of any in the midlands worth doing?


    Becky Teasel Designs

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    Hi Becky,

    This thread was started a few days ago and may help with some of your questions:

    I live in the Midlands but haven't done any of the the fairs by the organiser you mentioned so I can't help I'm afraid, but there are quite a few of us here from the Midlands so there may be someone who can help more than I can!
    Katian Mosaics

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      I have done large and small, no guarantee because it is large you sell more just that you have to work harder to sell to recoup the rent. After years of losing money and paying the organisers for the privilege to fill up their tables to make them look good and of course help with the high admittance fees, I made the decision to not pay more than £15.00 this year, I did waver slightly but am now back on track. At least losing £15 is not good as this is my only income but it is better than losing a lot more.

      Good Luck


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        We did look at one of the big fair organizers, who started with Badmington horse trials, then run an event every weekend till the end of Sept.
        Big events and good attendance numbers.
        The down side- all rents had to be payed a month in advance, and the rents ranged from £200 to £1100 a weekend.
        Would have needed a caravan and a lot of stock.
        I then talked to a guy who had worked the fairs for a few years and done well out of them, but he had one year when the weather was poor and he lost quite a lot.
        His point was that if that was to happen the first year it could be a disaster


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          big craft fairs

          I'm not sure about this one! A couple of years ago i paid something like £60 with craft people 2000 for the embankment boat show and festival in peterborough. Craft people actually cancelled on the day to flooding on the embankment. I then contacted the main organisers of the actual festival, who let me put up my own gazebo for £10 in the main arena. If there are big shows, it may be worth while contacting the main organisers first. Not everyone want to enter a craft marquee, but will look at the outside stalls.


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            I've done a couple of fairly biggish one this year and wouldn't say they paid terribly well so I learned, like Caroleecrafts, to set a limit to what I would pay for a table.
            The one I had been looking forward to for months and paid the most for I literally only just about broke even so really I lost out cos if I hadn't have gone and paid the table money I would still have had the stock to sell IYSWIM

            The best one I did this year was one of the smallest, ones - just a local one - and I was the only craft stall there and I made a small fortune.

            You never can tell really.


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              Likewise, I've done a couple of local ones in the village I live in and done pretty well. In fact tonight I was given a lead for one in a primary school that's only for 2 hours but the person who told me said these can be the most profitable.