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outside in december???

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  • outside in december???

    Hey everyone I have just been asked to do a Christmas Fair in a village outside MK, when they first approached me I had something else on but am now free. Spoke to a really nice lady about it but the organisers want £30 a pitch I have to bring my own table and it is outside, she said they can provide a gazebo (however you spell it). I have 2 questions :

    Is an outside fair a good idea in December?

    Is £30 too much for an outside fair in December?

    There arent any other jewellery people going, but will be bath products ands foods etc..
    Ren x
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    i'm doing 2 fairs outside in december in north east england!!!

    i guess like any fairs it depends on the location & how well it's attended etc etc.

    i've done this one outdoors (they provide me with a little tent/sheet thing over the table) in late december the past two years. its always absolutely FREEZING but it's really popular and last year it was very well attended even in the pouring rain so i find it worth going.

    also if you're the only person doing jewellery that might be good.

    wrap up very warm. take something to stand on, take some hand/tummy wamers and maybe book yourself the following days off doing anything in case you get a cold (always happens to me due to the long hours in the cold + tiredness)

    to cheer you up - my experience of freezing cold crappy weather is that although fewer people might come out those that have braved the awful weather tend to spend more money (i guess to justify the trip to themselves or cheers themselves up??)
    i've made some pretty big sales when the weather's been terrible!!!


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      I'm a nutter too cos I've booked an outside one for begin Dec. but it's in a court yard and they provide market tables with roofs, so hope it's gonna be sheltered a bit.
      Note to self..take spare cardboard to stand on. lol

      Hope it goes well for you..
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        I also have outside fairs booked this December... we must be mad eh?
        I intend to wrap up very warm and take lots of hot tea!

        (my biggest worry is when Im cold my hands just wont work properly!)

        Good luck with yours...keep warm!


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          Well I wouldn't do it, but then that is because cards do not like a damp December evening!!!!!!!! Neither do I. I am such a wimp and my circulation is really bad, so outdoors is not good for me. If you are brave enough I am sure you will be fine, particularly if no other jewellery peeps there. Good luck


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            I must be such a wimp!! I hate the cold

            I think if they drop the table price I will do it its a relitively new event and the lady admitted they are struggling to get bookings

            but brrrrrrrrr.....feeling cold already
            Ren x
            12High Street, Middleton Cheney, Oxon, OX17 2PB





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              If no other jewellery seller is attending then why are you hesitating? A few hours in the cold will not kill you. We do 9 hour days, 3 days a week and you will only catch a cold from it if someone breathes their germs on you, not from the cold night air.

              Tips -

              Wear a long sleeve thermal top, thin polo neck jumper, baggy t-shirt (long enough to tuck into the top of your jeans or joggers, wooley jumper and/or fleece top that zips up to your chin, finish off with a thick padded coat that covers your bum. Wear them in that order and I guarantee you won't be cold. Thermal leggings under your jeans/joggers, two pairs of socks (one must be thermal and one knee length). Make sure your footwear has a thick sole to insulate your feet and don't forget the gloves, scarf and hat.

              Take 2 flasks - one with soup and one with tea or coffee.

              A piece of old carpet laid on top of the cardboard works even better.

              I say go for it.

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                I did a market in March - it was freezing!!! We had snow, strong winds, rain, sun - you name it we had it!!! Although I didn't sell much, I sold the most I ever had at an event and it was very well attended. My items are higher in price and not really an impulse buy so I was very pleased overall. The only problem was one of the gusts of wind sent my mirrors toppling over and I had a few breakages, which was disappointing but that's just the risk I take with my craft! So, what I'm suggesting is what most of the others have said - put on your hat, scarf and gloves and practice your 'roll up, roll up!!!' call!!!

                In short, I'd say do it!
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                  Im hesitating because Im a big wuss!!!! lol

                  Ok I'll do it ..... thermal's here we come!!!!
                  Ren x
                  12High Street, Middleton Cheney, Oxon, OX17 2PB





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                    If your not driving you can always take a hip flask

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