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  • How much stock?

    Hi everyone

    I make bags and am about to do my 1st fair at the end of the month. If there are any other bag makers out there can I ask how much stock do you like to take to a fair? Or do you just take as much as you can make? Or does it depend on the size of the fair? Or is this something that comes with experience?

    I have been advised to have a range of goods at varying prices so I have started to make some small purses as well but have left it a bit late to try new things.

    Its certainly a learning curve isn't it?


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    I'm no expert having done my first fair yesterday, but it really depends on the size of the table you have and any other room around it you might be able to use. I made some bags as part of my stock and took a small hanging rail with me and put it on the shelf behind and hung some on there and had some on the table for people to pick up and look at. Incidentally I, and a few other first timers there took way too much stock. Good luck


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      Too much stock is better than not enough, to my mind. You can always stuff it under the table if there's no space!

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        i imagine experience helps but at the end of the day you never know - sometimes small fairs are very busy, sometimes large fairs are not.

        personally i always find it's better to have it there to sell rather than sell out and think "i wish i'd brought that stuff i've got at home"

        that said packing up lots of unsold stuff at the end is a depressing business...

        something that i often bear in mind is that occasionally you may find yourself in a position to take up extra space i.e. if the table next to you is empty organisers will be much happier for you to fill it than it look empty. i always take a spare cloth and a few extra display items in case of such an event. it's happened to me twice recently! in both cases i was very glad i brought a lot of stock.


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          Take everything you can because you can guarantee the one sale you most definatly would have made is the item you left at home.

          If you feel you don't have much stock print out a really eyecatching poster and put it at eye level on your table saying you take custom orders , if you have any photos of previous work see if you can print these out and use them in folder as a portfolio so you can show the would be buyer your designs

          ohhhh and good luck
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            Hi Ozzie here from Fraught iron,take as much as you can and a variety if possible coz if you aint got it you cant sell it.
            Have done about half a dozen fairs now and there aint one the same even at the same venue,just keep smilin theres always a sale around the corner.
            Regards Ozzie


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              I sell jewellery, but on Sunday I sold a few pieces I had left in my case as I felt they would suit someone. So there is no need to overload the stall but I agree you cant sell what you dont have
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