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Is it too near too Christmas???

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  • Is it too near too Christmas???

    Your opinions are needed! I have the chance to have a stall at at large call centre on Monday 15th December. The stall will be set up in the restaurant over lunch time so that staff can look at my work and hopefully purchase! The stall is free of charge but the company ask that I charge slightly lower rates than I would usually, as a bonus to staff and also that I donate an item for a charity raffle. Is 15th Dec too near to xmas though?

    I also have the chance to do a popular market (indoors) on Sat 20th December and I am in the same dilema!
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    in the past I have done dates that close to christmas and have found that only small stocking fillers have sold. My larger peices haven't, as I think most people are usually sorted out by then for presents.
    If you have smaller items then You could do well.
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      I dont think its too near to Christmas, you have the shoppers who leave everything to the last minute, and then there are the stocking filler shoppers,and then there are (if any!) shoppers who have got everything sorted but still like to look... a good chance for you to give out leaflets to future customers. Im hoping to do stall as late as the 23rd because I dont want to hold onto the stock for another year!

      Good luck with the day if you decide to go ahead


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        I usually do all my Christmas shopping in the last couple of weeks before Christmas. It's not unknown for me to be running around on Christmas eve getting the last bits. I know a quite a few people that do the same.

        My last fair of the year (so far) is the 13th December. I'm hoping I do well at that.

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          While I can agree with the above comments, I had a similar post other day and the advise I have had is to give it a try... a lot of people are leaving their presents buying later and later, and people still have birthdays and other occasions to think about at this time of year so I'd say give it a go and see what happens.

          As someone said to me, try it this year and then you'll know what to do about next year


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            I'd do it if I were you - as the others have already said, so many people do their xmas shopping in December. And if its not costing you anything to stand, that's another bonus.

            I'd have a word with the manager and maybe suggest that you leave your original price tags on your goods but take say 10% (or more if you can afford to) off every sale. You could also suggest that the value of the raffle prize you donate is a set percentage of your takings.

            IMO - a chance for any sales is not to be sniffed at and as someone else mentioned, use it as a marketing excercise.

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              personally i have finished all my shopping, but love going to fairs at this time just for something to do and if anything caught my fancyi would get it, like was said if it not costing anything why not and almost everyone i know leaves it to the last min lol xxx good luck xxx

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                Right, I have counted the votes and the 'Fors' have it! Have just emailed to ask if I can book the stall for Monday 15th December. Good idea about having my prices on but offering a 10% discount. I was thinking of giving one of my photo frames for the raffle prizes, or maybe a coaster set?
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                  Yes I'd definitely do that one too, the fact there's there's no charge for the table and also you have a captive audience who will have an hour to kill at lunchtime.
                  Probably just a 10% discount though, no more.

                  Good luck with it hope you do really well


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                    I'm doing one on the 13th December and don't think that's too late.

                    I may be proved wrong of course but I'll never know if I don't I'm going !!

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                      Yup, me too! I'm doing a fair on 13th and I think it's a great time to get Christmas shoppers!

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