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Christmas school and church fairs

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  • Christmas school and church fairs

    Hi, I'm new here and this is my first post. I'd like to try selling some jewellery and Xmas decorations at a Xmas fair, and wondered if anyone has tips for finding local Xmas/craft fairs - small/cheap ones like school and church Xmas fetes etc. I know I might have missed the deadlines anyway for some.... I can't seem to find much on the internet! (My only other option is to phone round all local schools - is there a better way??)
    Thanks, JJ

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    Er well phoning around the schools might work quite well!

    As will asking around generally. I find most of my local fairs by talking to other traders. Find one local craft fair or market and go and have a chat to some traders, some might not want to tell you much but most traders are very friendly and encouraging and will happily tell you about other fairs they might recommend you try.

    Where are you based, lots of folks here might know!

    also try:
    which are linked to on this forum a lot...

    good luck!


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      Thanks for those tips. I'm in Cambridgeshire, so if anyone does know of anything in this area I'd love to hear.


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        to the forum, good luck with the new venture!


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          Hi there, coincidentally I did a show at a primary school last night and even though turn out was less than the organiser expected I still did remarkably well. I was invited by the organiser who was a previous customer through word of mouth but now I have got the bug I will be calling round all schools in my area!


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            for local events and schools etc I find netmums a wealth of information, the noticeboard has lots of events aswell as the 'whats on' sections
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              Netmums is a good idea, I hadn't thought of that. I also spotted 2 notices on my local supermarket board today - I'd missed them but I now know it's a place to look in future.


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                hi joseyjo,

                i too am in cambridgeshire and im also just starting out! i think the best way is to talk to others locally in the area who do similar fairs and then two sets of eyes is better than one! are you north or south of the county?



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                  one thing I have started to do-
                  once at a church or school fayre ask other stall holders if they have any other events booked. It's surprising how many events you can swap details of.
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