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Is mid-december too late?

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  • Is mid-december too late?

    This is the first year I have done Christmas Fayres and I am just wondering if mid December is too late to be selling Christmas cards, boxes, gift tags and the like? I am doing one fayre mid November and would like to do another but I am wondering if its too late for people buying cards and the like. Any advice?

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    That's a tricky quesiton. There are two possible ways to look at it -

    1) People will be last minute shopping as they've run out of time and are panick buying

    2) People have bought all their stuff, and just coming along for a nosey (which isn't the option you want)

    Personally, I do not attend fairs that late - most people have done their shopping, especially with postal dates. But what I sell is presents, your stock is different and it may work.

    Don't mean to be negative, but to be honest sometimes you just have to see what the day turns out - craft fairs are very up and down.

    Good luck whatever you decide.
    Take care

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      You may sell a few, but most people have bought Christmas cards by then. I find that the things I sell most in mid-December (if anything!!) are my packs of notelets, which make a gift, and my mounted photographic prints (also gifts), also I sell ribbons, gift tags and gift bags and sometimes those go. November is really the best time, but not many people round here seem to have craft fairs in November!


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        hello, i have found that in mid-december a lot of people do tell me that they have already bought their christmas cards. that said i still sell the odd few....

        personally i never do my shopping til the last minute and i've not had any problems selling items that would be good xmas gifts all throughout december.

        especially if you are at a specific xmas fair (even more especially one that is well established and has a regular yearly customer base) then people will often wait or come along specially to buy gifts at that fair so don't be too worried about the dates.

        what might be worth considering is whether you are fighting with other events that close to xmas. stupidly we have 3 christmas craft fairs all on the same weekend in mid-december here on tyneside and inevitably every event this year is going to lose a few customers to the others due to the timing.


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          I don't think you will have a problem with small gifts and boxes but cards would be too late. I have already done all my Christmas shopping/making of gifts but I do this early as I get busier round Christmas. You may find this year that buying for gifts is left to later because of the crunch keep your gifts low priced and small and you should sell.


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            Was interested in reading this thread because I have my one and only craft fair on 6th December and I've been worried that it may be a little too late, but can only see on the day I guess.

            At leasts its only around the corner so wont have far to go

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