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  • Lights for Craft Stalls

    Hello, I was reading a thread just before where someone reccommended taking lights to craft fairs and I wonder if anyone has any advice about lighting on stalls.

    I've never taken any lights to a craft fair myself (I don't do jewellery - I notice it's mainly the jewellery perople that do this) but I do have lots of sparkly gold/silver stuff so I wonder if it'd look good with lighting.

    I'm always put off by the craft fairs saying everything electrical has to be tested or have a certificate or something..? Does anybody know what this is? How do you get your lights tested? :-s

    Cheers for any help!


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    HI ya

    I think that was on my tread you saw that, someone recommended a light from Argos if you look at the post opinion please it gives the catalogue number etc.

    As for testing Im not sure sorry
    Ren x
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      I use the small battery ones which either stand or can be clipped on, quite good for small areas without the trailing leads.


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        If you're doing an event where they insist on testing (PAT Test - Portable appliance test) then you have to have it* - it's done by a qualified sparky, who sticks a little label on each item, ie: extension cable, each lamp etc, and it needs to be done annually.

        I've no idea what the price is - expensive knowing sparkies!

        But lighting is good - I'm a Woodturner and I use low voltage Halogen, just to add a bit of a sparkle/highpoint to bowls.

        * on 240v equipment

        Hope this helps,

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          The testing refers to PAT (portable appliance testing). The cheapest I could find last time I did it was £50, and they came to my house to do it. The certification lasts a year. If you can club together with a friend and get everything done at once you should do that as it's the call out fee that costs the money. If anyone can recommend a cheaper option please let me know as my stuff needs doing again soon!
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            PAT testing

            To the best of my knowledge,I believe that any brand new appliance ie. extension lead, lights etc do not require PAT testing for a year as they are covered by the makers warrenty, from date of receipt.


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              wow thanks folks! that was a lot of information really quickly!!

              i quite fancy the idea of battery ones, i'm always tripping over my stuff enough without having extra wires etc! great idea!

              PAT testing - yes that's it, hmm, it sounds expensive, I do like the idea of lighting up my stuff though so i'll have to think about it a bit...

              Cheers everybody!


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                As far as I am aware you don't need PAT testing on brand new stuff for the first year. I take mine into my hair salon and get it done with all my hair appliances each year so it saves me money, especially as my business partners dad is an electrician and he does it cheaper for us!!! Selina