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forgot to ask - how did the Rugby fair go on Sunday?

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  • forgot to ask - how did the Rugby fair go on Sunday?

    I didn't manage to get along to visit (and spend my money on goodies ), so I was just wondering how the craft fair at the Benn Hall in Rugby went last Sunday.

    I know Selina and also JanetDC I think from here went, did anyone else go? I hope it went well for everyone.

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    I wish I had been there but I couldn't get a stand, but I was wondering how it went too. I spent the whole day watching my son play badminton for Warwickshire U13's - and they won yay!!


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      Hi Guys, thanks for asking! I had a pretty good day, took close to £100, there were a lot of people through the doors and I saw lots with bags so I think they were buying to some degree. I was in the smaller side room so didn't get to see the big hall which was a shame but still I think I did better than the wood turning man and the glass lady that were next to me. Would definitely do it again. Thanks to Carol (Critchley) who called by to say hello and bought some goodies off me and Hi to Crafty-Clarie, good to see you again, Selina


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        No, Thanks to you Seliona the recipient of the clip-on earrings you made for me was highly delighted. In fact, she also took the ones I had for myself so if you have any more little heart ones save them for me please.
        God helps them that help themselves.