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Brighton Christmas fair - crafters wanted!

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  • Brighton Christmas fair - crafters wanted!

    Hello again everyone,

    I'm really sorry about this, but after giving it a lot of thought, we've decided to cancel the Brighton craft fair for December - some unforeseen circumstances have made it hard for us organize it as well as we would have liked, and with the economy being what it is, we're not sure we could make the fair as successful for everyone as we really want to.

    Thank you so much to everyone who has gotten in touch about the fair. There's clearly a lot of interest in an event like this in Brighton, and if we don't get it together to put one on sometime in the future, hopefully someone else will! :-)

    Take care,

    Hi everyone,

    My friends and I are organizing a handmade craft fair in Brighton on December 13th, 2008 called Brighton Loves Handmade, and we're still looking for crafters who would like to have a stall.

    The fair will be held at the awesome Fabrica venue in the middle of the Lanes in Brighton, and we're planning to have cakes and cocoa, carol singers and Christmas decorations - and lots of passing trade (if you've been in Brighton on a Saturday right before Christmas, you'll know what I mean!).

    So if any of you makers and crafters out there are interested in selling your handmade goodies at the fair, please do get in touch!

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    Hello! yes i would be interested! can you let me know how much per stall and the postcode please. i sell handmade bath and body products.! can you email me the details k.reynolds @ thanks!
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      Hi & to the forum, miles away from me im afraid, but good luck with everything!


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        Thanks very much for the welcome and good luck wishes, autumn rose! kezaeko, I've emailed you the details - hope to hear from you soon! :-)



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          Hi Jessica,

          I would have loved to have attended your craft fayre, I don't live far from Brighton, but unfortunately I have another commitment that day. Would you keep me in mind for any future events you hold in Brighton, I'd be very interested.

          Thank you.


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            I'll be there

            I've taken a table. As it is near Christmas I'm hoping to catch all those people who tell me they love my stuff but they haven't started buying presents yet!

            Here's hoping



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              Great, Anita, we look forward to seeing you - and Amanda, we'll definitely keep you in mind for any future fairs!



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                Hi wordridden, I would love to get details of your Christmas Fair in Brighton, could you please email me? Sounds exiting! [email protected]. Thanks.


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                  Yes please!

                  I would love to be considered for stall at your fair. Please could you email me the details to [email protected]
                  many thanks
                  Mandy Kavanagh

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                  varying degrees of grace at any given moment.
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                    Originally posted by wordridden View Post
                    Great, Anita, we look forward to seeing you - and Amanda, we'll definitely keep you in mind for any future fairs!


                    Ohhhh Jessica thank you so much, I'm gutted I can't make this one, would love to sell in Brighton!


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                      Brighton Craft Fair

                      Hello there, I would love to be considered for a stall at your craft fair.
                      Could you email me details of price for hiring table etc?
                      You can look at my work on my website if you are interested. I look forward to hearing from you,

                      Thanks, Ciara.


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                        Brighton Craft Fair

                        I may be interested in having a couple of tables - would like to know how much they would be.
                        Also what are the logistics of getting what we sell to the venue. Parking is very limited in Brighton town centre especially two weeks before Christmas.

                        Looking forward to hearing from you.

                        [email protected]

                        A Ford


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                          hiya Jessica

                          I've sent you a PM .. would love to join you.



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                            Christmas Fair Dec 13th

                            Hello! I would like to be involved in the christmas fair on dec 13th, could you send me some information please? [email protected]



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                              Interested in a craft table

                              Hi there,

                              I'm new to the site but would be really interested in taking a table at your craft fair if there's on still available. Can you email me the details at [email protected]?