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  • Craft Fair Rhuddlan

    I have just come home from this craft fair and I took the grand total of £3.98 (It cost £10 for a stall) The only small consolation I have is that some took less than me so I dont think it was personal!!!! The fair was in the centre of town with large signs and across from the car park. What more can be done? It seems people are just not interested. I lost the will to live at around 1.30 when I had been there 4hours and taken £1.99 then hoorah I took another £1.99. Still I am home now, nice and warm on my sofa with my security blanket and Ive had a rant to you lot so I feel better and I am sure I will take a fortune next week (Glutton for punishment)
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    Oh pooo, hope next week is better gracie
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      I went to find you and everyone had started packing up. Stupid me couldnt remember what you make hehee but got a few business cards for a baby and toddler fair that im thinking about.
      Any ways you did better than I did a couple of weeks ago lol i made £4 the table cost £10 and I spent £60 on the baby lol lol


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        what a shame ,nice to see you havn't let it put you off thou

        we've all had fairs like that ,you can't make people buy. The credit crunch seems to be hitting everyone but hopefully with Christmas round the corner people will start thinking about buying soon.
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          The fair I attended on Thur was the same! Bad first experience. Finances are a worry for people at the moment, but yes with Christmas here in 2 months people should be buying soon. A lot of people are last minute shoppers so the fairs in Nov and Dec might be more of a success for us?


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            Thankyou all. Its nice to know its not just me and hopefully it will get better towards Christmas. I was the one with the cushions doorstops doorhangers etc etc I am at Denbigh Peoples Market on friday next week so wont be at the Spooktacular but good luck if you are going
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              ooo I just checked and I have sold 2 door stops on Ebay today so at least thats something ha ha
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                geez I stood right infront of you with Matt and the baby talking to the Usborne books lady pmsl im a pleb we even said your door stops were lovely pmsl