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Last minute advice pleeease!!

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  • Last minute advice pleeease!!

    Hi everyone,

    I'm attending my first ever craft fair tomorrow evening (well it's mostly jewellery and cards fair to be honest) But that's what I make, jewellery and cards. I'm going to have a lot of competition I guess.

    Im in such a panic... don't feel I have enough items to sell and still need to price what I have made already (It's going to be a long night). I think I have the display I want (In my mind) need to try it out before I go.

    Any last minute advice you can offer me? Any hints, tips?

    Many thanks x

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    Don't panic or rush, make sure that you have everything packed, float, cards, stock, order book etc.

    Leave yourself extra time to get there, always better to sit back and relax with a cup of coffee than have a panic because the doors are about to open.
    Just enjoy and hope you have a successful time.

    Good Luck


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      Well I've yet to do one myself and I can understand you're feeling nervous.

      Just relax & enjoy yourself - you'll be fine
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        Dont panic! lol if you havent enough stuff you can always take orderslike the lady said above take an order book.Wheres the fair hun? if its close enough i might pop in and give you some moral support


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          Originally posted by mopppy View Post
          Dont panic! lol if you havent enough stuff you can always take orderslike the lady said above take an order book.Wheres the fair hun? if its close enough i might pop in and give you some moral support
          It's pretty far from you, it's in Llangefni which is half way into Anglesey. Thanks for the offer! Your support next month is much apreciated and I might see you at the Spooktacular event next Friday if I can pop over for a visit


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            I'm doing my first fair is two and a half weeks time, and I'm already panicking, so I won't tell you not to panic, because inevitably you will.

            All I will say is try to prepare as much as you can and don't get too stressed out if you forget something on the day. Write it down so you'll know for next time.

            Just one thought occurred to me - what about taking some digital photos of your work and printing them off. Then, if you do happen to sell very quickly, you can at least show some photos. Might bring some extra orders.

            Good luck,


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              Don't panic, and take lots of change and warm clothes! Try to plan in advance how you will set your stock out so you can just get on and put it out.
              And most important, smile and say hello to your customers! I get nervous talking to them but it gets easier chatting to them as you go on. The other stall holders are usually welcoming and will help you settle in!
              And it sounds obvious but take a pen and paper!



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                Good luck. My tip is take pins & cellotape, You never know if you will need them. Dont forget your cloth and try your setup at home. This is really imortant. last thing you want when you arrive at your first fair and are really nervous is not knowing where to start with your table. when you have it set up how you like it take a picture and take it with you for reference. Hey and keep smiling you'll be fine. Oh and I always say go with no expectations then you wont be disappointed if the fair is a flop, and if it is a huge success which it will be you will be really thrilled!!!! Good luck
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                  There's not much I can add to what's already been suggested - if you have time then set up your table at home (or an area the same size) so you can work out what goes where; a portfolio is always a good idea as is an order book; don't forget some change, your business cards and your packaging materials. If you have something that you can be working on whilst you are at the fair that usually pulls the crowds in and they can see that you are making your goods and not buying them in (but really hoping you won't get the time cos you'll be too busy selling). Your best smile should always be worn but most of all - enjoy yourself. Good luck and don't forget to let us know how you get on.
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                    Hello Good Luck!

                    Whatever you do don't panic and stay up all night. There's always something else you could have brought/made but believe me its MUCH better to have relaxed and had some nice sleep then the whole thing will be much more enjoyable and you can be more friendly and relaxed with your customers!

                    Don't worry about pricing items, unless you're run off your feet serving customers the whole time (hopefully!) you can always price things when you are there. I often do that early on a stall before it gets busy if I haven't had time to do it beforehand.

                    I can't add much that hasn't been said about setting up etc but take some stuff to stick things together (very handy when setting up) e.g. sticky tape, blu tack or some small clamps. A pen and paper is always very handy and often I have some bits of card/paper to write signs/prices on if need be.

                    Good luck I hope it goes well!


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                      Im sure you will do great! Good luck... dont forget to let us know how you get on


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                        pmsl yeah Llangefni is a bit of a treck. Good luck for tomorrow oh dont forget your camera then you can take pics for your site and the taking something to make while you are there suggestion is a good one not only can people see that you make it yourself but you can catch up on things that you havent had time for at home or get a bit of preparation done plus it stops you getting bored when it gets a bit slow


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                          Great advice there from everyone, only adding put a pen and notepad beside your bed tonight then if you wake up in the middle of the night with a thought/idea/plan then just write it down and go back to sleep.

                          Best of luck - I'm sure it'll be great.

                          let us know how it all went


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                            Thank you all for your help, will let you know how it went x


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                              I'm probably a bit late now and I expect you've got everything sorted by now but if you haven't priced up your cards yet I saw this at a craft fair which made me wonder why I'd never thought of it....

                              Your cards probably fall into about 4 or 5 price categories so write out the prices once on a fancy piece of card which can be displayed on your table and put a different coloured sticker dot (like you can get in stationary shops) next to each price. Then rather than writing out individual price labels you can just put the correct coloured dot on each card - it's much much quicker and the customer can see straight away what price catagory the card is.

                              Good luck and remember to let us all know how you get on
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