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Craft Fairs in Wiltshire?

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  • Craft Fairs in Wiltshire?

    Hey everyone
    First post...first question

    I am looking for craft fairs local to me that I can go to and sell some cards and jewellery
    I live in westbury and dont want to go too far
    (Throughout the year I trade at vw shows, and I travel the country doing that so I want to keep it local for just selling a few cards and things )

    I know Kevin Murphy does some local to me...but its £40 for a table for a seems like an awful lot of money

    (I usually pay £50 for an entire weekend at a vw show...and that gives me 5metres x 10-15 metres at most shows)

    Will appreciate any help



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    Hello & In. Its A great Place To Be!

    Sorry Im not close to you, so I dont know about the craft fairs your interested in, but good luck with finding them.


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      aww thanks for the welcome


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        £40 per day for the larger organised shows is realistic. For instance the Wiltshire Christmas Show at the Oasis, Swindon on 1/2 November costs around that for a double table plot and promises to be a very well attended event so the cost should be easily covered.
        I'd suggest that you focus mostly on quality of the show and likely number of visitors. I find that entry price also has a bearing, and unfortunately the trend is for these to rise! If the VW shows work for you then if possible keep at these.
        Best wishes


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          oh I won't stop doing the vw shows, I run a business doing all vw related stuff (MOD EDIT - URL REMOVED AS PER FORUM RULES)

          the idea of looking for some local craft fairs was just to sell some of my non vw stuff thats been building up ...but I only plan on taking a few bits of jewellery and my cards so I think its a bit much to hope to take more than £40?

          as you say to focus on the quality and attendance of a do I know which shows are likely to be good?
          (I do this with vw shows but as I have always gone to them I know which are the best to go to etc )
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