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Craft Fair in Gateshead 8th Nov

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  • Craft Fair in Gateshead 8th Nov

    I just got my stuff thorugh about the christmas craft fair at Emmanuel College in Gateshead on 8th Nov and apparently they still have tables left. I just thought i'd mention it on here in case anyone was interested.

    I'd like to add that I'm nothing to do with the organisation or anything nor have I been there before so i've no idea what it's like or whether to reccomend it. I'm going because one of the other stall holders at my regular market spoke to someone who did it last year and said he had a really good day. Fingers crossed its good this year!

    unfortunately i don't have enough posts to post the link for how to apply...but maybe message me or call emmanuel college or something?

    good luck!


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    Emmanuel College

    I know you posted this ages ago but was wondering if you did the show? Was it any good? Do you still have the contact details for it?
    I'd be really grateful if you could pm the details to me.


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      yes i did go and it was without a doubt the best fair i've ever done!!! honestly! it was brilliant!!! the people were lovely and i think it is still my record for highest sales in a day ever - even better than some of the very expensive christmas fairs i've done in big cities!!

      i don't really have the details of who to contact. they took my details from me so hopefully they will send me details if they have another one
      (and i'll post again?) but i'm guessing that it won't be till next christmas?
      i think it was the PTA at the school who organised it and I found out about it orginally from this website (and word of mouth) if that helps:
      (can't see anything listed in this region on there any more though...)

      if you are interested in gateshead there is a craft fair at the gateshead flower show in end july/start august. that's the only one i'm aware of around there at the moment...


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