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  • Craft Fairs East Anglia

    I have recently set up a website called and am promoting goods not only via the web but by attending craft fairs also. I am having difficulty in finding craft fairs in this area. Does anyone know of any good regular ones or would anybody be interested in getting together and setting a regular monthly one up?
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    East Anglia...


    I'll try and look some up... .

    Hopefully some crafters well add to this thread with whos who and whats what in in East Anglia...

    good luck with the site...

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      I live near Peterborough and have been looking for fairs in the area. Have found very little to be honest except the huge and very expensive ones. Was wondering about how people go about setting one up as well because its a shame that people don't have anywhere to sell what they make.


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        east anglia

        I have noticed there arent many fayres in the p'boro region. My mum lives in Whittlesey and there is never anything. I have known of a couple in the past but they didint want to spend their money in W'sey, so i would give there a miss if anyone was thinking of setting one up. I think venues and villages should be well planned to avoid dissapointment. Little villages toward stamford might be worth thinking about.


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          Hello Peterborough people!!!

          I too agree that there is not enough in our area! I was thinking of somewhere like orton longueville (if you know Peterborough) as its quite a nice area! I would be more than happy to help arrange and promote! not too sure if im allowed to do this but email me [email protected]


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            Hello there, I don't know of any craft fairs in this area, I know in the Clacton area we are really struggling to find any fairs, when you do find one you go and find there are so many bought in goods its more like a boot sale than a craft fair. Saying that I am thinking of arranging some craft fairs in and around the Clacton area next year (I have organised before). So will be looking for "true crafters" for those. If anyone is interested let me know and I will add you to my list. Sorry cant be of much more help. Good luck with finding some fairs and also with the web site. xx
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              Hi if you are looking for a venue we have a lovely village hall in Diddington which has direct access from the A1 we are really trying to find some crafters looking to promote and sell their items good rates and weekday and weekend availability from 1st August x


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                I am an organiser in Norfolk in East Anglia and i have 15 events each year, Please visit for a list of next years dates, and any that has a space this year (Their are only 2 with 1 space left each)

                Good luck and many thanks

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                  There are occasional craft fairs at the Marina on Great Yarmouth seafront - call 01502 740034 and speak to Rosemary, the organiser.

                  Also there are some at St Nicholas Church, Great Yarmouth. Call Isabelle on 01502 581737.

                  And of course, from 1st to 5th December there's a huge craft fair at St Nicholas Church organised by the GYTCP. You can Google this one and I'm pretty sure they're still looking for more stallholders for this year. It costs £144 for the 5 days, which is about £30 per day, but I understand they have huge footfall there. I'm giving it a go this year myself.



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                    I have been looking in the Ipswich area of suffolk and I am not having much luck either. Most people want you to pay over £20 for a stall and that is a lot of money. We are having a Fun day and craft fair at our school in August and we are only charging £8 a pitch which people say is really good and now have loads of people booked which is good news for the school. I'm not a cheap skate when it comes to paying but if you are only just starting out £20 is a lot of money if you don't sell much


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                      I know what you mean, Wispa.

                      Luckily for me, there's a local artists' organisation nearby and for £25 per year I have a free stall at the artist's market every Sunday from April to October (weather permitting as it's outdoors). It's a godsend!

                      You should give local Farmers' Markets a try - I've recently started taking a stall at mine and have been doing really well there - the stall costs just £10.



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                        would this be any good? http://charlottehupfieldceramics.blo...erb-craft.html


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                          Just to say that I am an artist based in Ipswich and am looking for craft fairs nearby too if anyone knows of any.

                          Daesul, I'd be interested to know about the artists market every week in Lowestoft if you don't mind sharing the details :-)