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Craft fair in a school... help!

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  • Craft fair in a school... help!


    I'm considering doing a christmas craft fair in school this year but I'm a bit stuck as I've never done one in a school before ( I usually do more general markets) Does anyone know what school craft fairs are like? I'm guessing it'll be mainly families with kids, it's a secondary school so maybe lots of teenagers?

    If there's lots of teenagers what kind of price range should I be aiming at, I'm guessing they've probably not got lots of money. what counts as pocket money prices for teenagers these days? :s it's been a while since i was at school....

    thanks for any help!


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    How long is a piece of string?! I'm no pocket money expert either, but I would assume a lot will depend on what sort of school it is (state or private?), whether or not many parents are expected, and what sort of price range other stalls are selling at. I think I'd try and find that out and go from there.... Good luck ! Handcrafted Sterling Silver Jewellery Handmade Lampwork Glass Beads
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      I used to do a Christmas craft fair at the secondary school I worked in. I found that selling anything over £5 didn't seem to sell. I used to do really well at selling kids/teenage jewellery at about £1-£2 per item. Mobile phone/bag charms do well as would ipod covers.

      If it's a school run fair then they are liable to have kids in to help and there would be a lot of families pop in.


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        I do a Christmas craft fair in a primary school most years. I usually find that its the parents who do most of the buying. I try to have a mix of prices so that if the kids are looking to buy presents for Mums, teachers etc there is something for them and also something that the parents want to buy as well. There are usually a lot of kids there, as Santa is usually there as well so its not quite like a normal craft fair. A lot of the people leave once they have seen Santa or sometimes the school choir sings and then they go home. I think it depends on the main focus of the fair eg is it for the kids or purely a Christmas Craft Fair in a school bulding. Not sure if that helped much - sorry.


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          Thanks for the quick replies everybody!

          I really don't know what to expect at all since I've never even been to a school craft fair before. I guess I'll just take a range of things and see what happens but I'll concentrate on making lots of smaller cheap things. Luckily a lot of my stuff is under £5 anyway so that'll be good!

          thanks folks!


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            I have done a summer and Christmas fair for a primary school. It is a typical school fair with Santa and not a craft fair. The last time I did half selling items of mixed price although the lower priced items are always the most popular. The second half of the stall was a Tombola, the children always love to try to win something. I gave all the proceeds of the Tombola to the school and then a percentage on the other items I sold. The children involved were younger but if the items were aimed at teenagers it would probably still work. Good luck with the event.