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How far away is too far?

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  • How far away is too far?

    I have been looking around at the fairs that are 'local' to me and have decided to move a bit further a field and try some that are out of Nottingham.

    I just wanted peoples opinions on how far they would travel to go to a fair to sell. I was thinking about 30-35 miles away, but am intrested in what you all think??

    All thoughts are welcome!


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    I think it is a good idea, and a way to get your stuff seen by a new set of people. Some fairs get a bit stale with the same people every time so it may work in your favour. You may have to go and have a look around the area you are thinking of to get a feel for the type of people/shops that are there. You would also have to add in the cost of travel to your expenses but if it gets more sales then it would be worth it.



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      I go to Edinburgh which is about 40 miles; I also did a fair approximately 100 miles away, so it depends on how much you expect to sell and if you need to pay for accomodation and stuff.

      Also depends if you have a gas guzzler (or are going on PT)

      Loads of factors to weigh it up!


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        Travel distance

        I measure the distance I would travel by time. The furthest I would travel would be a journey of about an hour.

        Hope that helps.


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          I also figure on an hours travelling - by the time I've driven there and sat (sold) all day - I need to be able to get home again without falling asleep at the wheel!
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            anyone tried party plan? Ive had my best sales from them than anywhere I've actually taken my stuff eg fairs etc
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              I tend to go with the 40 mile or an hour's journey limit as well, depending on the type of event or fair that it is. If it's something a little special or different, I may go over to get there.

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                i travel miles

                this wednesday i am travelling from south wales to portsmouth to do a 3 day craft fair.
                next weekend i am travelling to WSM for a 2 day fair.
                i dont know how many miles it is to portsmouth but WSM is 75 miles away.
                it does help because my brother does most of the fairs i do, so he tells me if it is worth doing them at first...then i guage it myself after the first 2.

                if they dont come to you, go to them......

                plus it is nice to get away sometimes, i have a tourer i take with me to stay in, so that cuts down the cost, but if the weather is too bad going over the bridge, i stay in B+B cheaply out of season.

                my brother and his wife both make a living from craft it can be done.
                there are also craft shops in tourist areas where you can display your goods, selling them on commission, or perhaps doing a day once a month in the shop....another good road to go down.


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                  For a general craft fair I wouldn't travel more than an hour but I'd travel further than that for specific types of fair or big events.

                  E.G. I recently travelled to Lancaster from Leeds to an eco-festival because I knew it was my target audience and I'd do reasonably well (I did and I gave out loads and loads of business cards).




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                    It really is a personal decision, I find driving very tiring so even 1 hour away is a lot for me - but my hubby LOVES driving and would drive me from SE London to Lands End in Cornwall and back in a day if I wanted.

                    As mentioned by others it is also down to cost of the trip on top of what you paid for the day etc.

                    For small fairs I stick closer to home, if I felt it would be particularly suitable I would consider doing a trek but that adds to an earlier start and longer day all round too.

                    And my pet hate - traffic jams - you don't want to be sitting in traffic on the M25 or where ever knowing you will not make the fair at all because some numpty crashed in front of you.
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                      Having regularly travelled a 500 mile round trip from East Kilbride to Stoke on Trent within two days a few years ago to visit my then, fiance, I don't find travelling all that daunting so for events that look as thoguh they may be worthwhile then I will travel further afield, at the moment I think the furthest one we have booked up is about 100 miles away but for smaller events, such as village halls, schools, etc then I will stay local as these don't tend to be big sellers.

                      I think a lot of it comes down to personal preference, whether you can afford to take the risk of the extra travelling expenses, whether you want to 'make a weekend of it' and spend the night/a few night away, etc... personally we like to use it as an opportunity to get away as well as the chance to showcase our products to a wider and new audience.