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  • Gothic Fairs or Festivals


    I was just wondering if anyone knows of any gothic fairs or festivals that have stalls? Or even just 'alternative' fairs or festivals?


    Clare x

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    Oh I'd love to know about these too!!
    Imagine the clothes you could buy there.......*sigh*

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      Yes, absolutely, although they're not just craft fairs, but events in their own right. The PF London event I listed up here the other day will definitely have this sort of stall (I'm one!) and will be selling all sorts of stuff. They typically have lovely, lovely clothes! (and are still looking for stallholders)

      The Colchester Oyster Fayre, the Beltane Bash and the Halloween Festival are other, even larger, events of this sort.

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        Don't know if this will help but we have a local hippy festival near us every year called the barefoot goddess festival, well after a bit of goggling I found a site called
        they have a section for festivals where contact details can be found for upcoming events
        My stuff wouldn't sell at these but I do know they are very popular festivals that attract big crowds
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          If their was a fair that looked likethe set of Sweeney Todd with everybody dressed like Mr Depp and Miss Bonham Carter it would be a a dream come true!!!!!!Im really going through a gothic phase at the mo.
          I even bought some black trousers the other day because I saw them and my immediate thought was 'Tim Burton would like those'!!

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            gothic/alternative fairs

            Hi Claire

            There's Whitby Goth Weekend and they have 3 different venues for stalls. The next one is October 31st-November 2nd, there is a website and the stalls are quite expensive but it's a great weekend and some amazing outfits to be seen!

            Definitely worth a try and they are in April & October every year.



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              I wish there would be something like this in merseyside . I make spooky/goth horror jewellery and have nowhere to sell it and whitby is too expensive


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                Thanks to everyone for their suggestions!!!

                Does anyone have anymore???

                Nat73- I have done Whitby several times now and I love it but I need something like that every weekend (or just at least more than twice a year)!

                Scorch-I have another craft fair when the PF London one is on but I looked into the Oyster fair and it looks very interesting! and very reasonable for a stand! So I am thinking about that one!....... Thank you!

                Becky boo-Still investigating the hippie's hard to know if my stuff would go down well there but thanks for the suggestion!x


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                  Gothic/Halloween fairs and festivals

                  Hi Clare!

                  First time have used this forum. Did you have any success with finding out about any gothic fairs or festivals?



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                    This thread is over 8 years old, so even if any of the original posters are still around I expect any information they discovered is obsolete by now.