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  • craft fairs north wales

    Hi I am new to this site but have recently moved to North Wales and wonder if anyone knows of any craft fairs in the area. Thankyou Gracie Jade
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    welsh fairs


    I wouldnt recoment Boddellwydyn Castle christmas craft fair ( north near prestatyn) sorry about spelling. Its also a Warners hotel. They dont do any advertising and you will sit there for 2 days twiddling your thumbs.


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      Hi im looking for more fairs in North Wales too. Ive got one booked on Saturday in LLanasa (nr Prestatyn) which is a monthly fair it should be good as they are having a scarecrow festival too and its my first fair. I also have a table booked at the Halloween Extravaganza at the Ffrith in Prestatyn, they still have tables available there depending on what you do (they only want one of each craft). I also heard from a lady in Halkyn (Mold way) who is thinking about holding a christmas one there if enough people are interested.
      If you want details on any of the above message me and ill give you contact details


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        Craft Fair

        Hi Moppy As you can see I am still struggling finding my way around this iste. Do you have contact details for the prestatyn craft fair and the Halkyn one please Thanks Carrolle
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          No worries ). Theres a fair on in Dyserth this weekend 10am-12pm in Dyserth Chapel, i saw the signs for it today but havent got a contact if you want to fish about for it try contacting the chapel. I cant go as im doing a Macmillan coffee morning from 10am-4pm and thats also in Dyserth.

          Oh I might have a contact for the Denbigh Farmers market thing apparently they have asked for me!! (wooo im getting known!) and would I like to become a stallholder. The market is in the town hall and runs on the last Friday of the month. They are also having a Christmas fair on 28th-29th Nov. Ill call the ladytomorrow to find out some more details for you.


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            denbigh craft market

            Hi Mopsy I spoke to the lady today about the christmas fair and she has taken my details. Brian passed her number to me so I think I will be doiing that one too. I will see if I can find the other details thank Graciejade
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              I didnt manage to find the time to ring her will give it a go tomorrow i hope we get in! Found out that it was a general email that Brian sent out to everybody gutted i thought i was getting popular hah! Oh have got in the local Raring to Go magazine this month so that shoul hit a few day nurseries, librarys and schools in the area


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                Theres a Craft fair in Dyserth again on the 23rd November 10am till 3.30pm I think contact Alison [email protected]


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                  Hi, I am new to this forum too. I am searching for Christmas Craft Fairs. I live on Anglesey, someone suggested that I make my own craft fair and get others involved. Would you have an interest attending one if I decided to go ahead?


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                    Hiya hun Count me in as one lol, was thinking of doing the same by me or maybe a baby fair,plus im starting to get to know a few crafters now so if you do go ahead and need some stall holders maybe I can help. Hey Graciejade did you get personal liability for Denbigh and who with of are you not going to bother with the market?


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                      Craft fair's on Anglesey/Gwynedd

                      Hi there

                      I'm eager to take part in a Christmas craft fair...does anyone know of any on Anglesey or Gwynedd area ?




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                        do you know about the one on Angelsey at the end of November Menai area There is a thread about it
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                          craft fair nov 22/23


                          there's one on in Llangollen at the royal pavilion, where the eisteddfod is.
                          friend went last year and said v good....think its 'art & craft'. on next weekend anyway


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                            Iccarus is the person that knows about the one on Menai Bridge, I haven't seen it advertised anywhere locally to be honest.


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                              I'm the one arranging the fair in Menai Bridge. All the tables are booked up. Advertising is still underway. It is on a lot of craft websites and what's on in Anglsey website (put a search for anglesey craft fair in google and it will appear).

                              To name a few:

                              I'm waiting for the paper to print it for me nearer the date and the posters are up in a lot of places. i.e co-op, charity shops in bangor, shops in Llangefni and Menai Bridge and take aways, and as I said I'm still taking posters around (there is a lot to cover) Everyone I know have put them up in their workplace also. flyers have been handed out in Bangor City Centre.

                              I just wanted to clarify that in case the crafters that have booked a table think that I'm not advertising it enough. Rest assured I am doing all I can. I have a table there myself and want to ensure it's a huge success.

                              I have decided what cause I'm donating the raffle and refreshements money to. It's called ' Joshua's hope for sight' (an 18 month old child who lives in Caernarfon who needs an operation in China if he is to have some sight)

                              Debbie xx