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  • Shalamarshops

    Does anyone use these people to sell their products? Currrently they only have one place @ Wickford, Essex but have said that they are going to open in Colchester. The wife and I are thinking of trying them. We did book a couple of Sundays but these never happened as they did not have enough bookings and the one Sunday the did open hardly anyone turned up. They charge £20 for a stall on a Saturday so we don't want to make that sort of outlay unless we are going to make at least that on the day.
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    I saw it too

    I saw all the details & thought about it but haven't actually used them. It will be interesting to see what happens.
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      Never heard of them myself but if they opened one Sunday and nobody turned up that should tell you something. How/where do they advertise?


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        I'm pretty sure that a member called Shalamar joined the Forum to advertise their ventures. Heard from them a lot around June but not much traffic since then, off the top of my head.

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          I have done the market with them on saturdays which are pretty busy, we are booked up to do more and im hoping it will be even busier coming up to xmas.

          The man who runs it is called wayne and he is a really nice guy... he cancelled the sundays as they were very quiet and he didnt want to be taking peoples money if they were not going to make it back. I think fridays and saturdays are supposed to be busiest days for the market. A lot of the surrounding shops are shut sundays so I would guess that not as many people visit the town centre then which is why it was quieter.


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            Shalamar is up and running

            Hi folks - yes I have been quiet, but thats because my arts and craft bazaar in Colchester has taken an age to set up. (All down to the solicitors unfortunately).

            I'm happy to say that our Colchester shop opened last week and is now up and running at 10 Short Wyre Street, CO1 1LN.

            We let positions from £5 to £30 per day - depending on the size of space you require. We also sell your products for you, so you don't have to be there to 'man' your position. We also offer generous weekly rates.

            If you only need a few feet of slat wall - fine we can do that. If you want a tressle table or shelving - we can do that as well.

            I'd welcome all of you to come down and see us. We offer a great position, with a great selection of the public (all ages and all incomes).

            And with us offering a turn over of different arts and crafts products, our public will be come back to see what we have on offer each week.

            If you are interested drop me an email - or even better come down to see us.

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            10 Short Wyre Street
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