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Art & Craft Fair in Bradford, West Yorkshire!

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  • Art & Craft Fair in Bradford, West Yorkshire!

    Hello there,

    I've started this new thread as I can't find the original one!!

    I'm organising and Art & Craft Fair in the Eccleshill area of Bradford on Saturday 4th October (10am - 4pm). It's a non-profit event where proceeds will go towards Manorlands Hospice (offers palliative care for terminally ill patients) and Eccleshill Methodist Church.

    I'm hoping it'll be a little bit different to the usual fairs I've attended as we're not only having a main art/craft exhibition and sale, but a marquee dedicated to childrens arts, crafts and entertainment and also a bouncy castle!

    So far, the event has generated quite a bit of local interest and is already being advertised locally.

    We've still a few stalls available and we're also looking for people who do childrens arts/crafts or entertainment (balloon modellers, teddy bear/rag doll making, ceramic painting etc).

    If you'd like to know a little more about the event, please feel free to contact me!
    Carrie xx

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    Just a little update on how things are rolling along!

    I am very keen for it to be a success and understand that for this to happen it's not only got to be well organised, but advertising is an absolute must!!

    So far this event is advertised online at numerous crafty and advertising websites and is due to be on the visitbradford and visitwestyorkshire websites in the next 3-5 working days.

    We also have posters going up in the local churches, schools, medical centres, shops etc and by the weekend it will be full steam ahead on the posters. A poster has also recently gone up in the Bradford Tourist Information Centre. Leaflet drops are being organised closer to the event and I'm considering handing out flyers in Shipley and Bradford centre!

    I've contacted Telegraph & Argus about maybe running an article, but if this is not possible there's a section for events where on a weekly basis I'm hoping the details of the fair will appear - the same goes for the free papers delivered throughout the region.

    The money we take from stall fees will help go towards paying for an advert in the local papers the week before the event (if we do this sooner, there's a chnace the event will be forgotten by readers so want to keep it fresh in their minds!)

    On top of all this, I'm contacting the council about putting posters on lamp posts etc around the area (the night before the event if I can't do it sooner) and taking them down when the event's finished.

    I'm also working on an 'A board' and signage which will be placed outside the church on the day guiding people to the fair!

    If you have any other suggestions about what I can do to promote this event successfully, please let me know!!
    Carrie xx


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      Feel like I'm talking to myself here but what's new - I do it all the time at home

      As the weather's so appalling at the moment, we've a definate back up plan for the childrens arts and crafts which are to be held in a marquee outside.

      If the weather stays the same as it has been, we won't be able to but the bouncy castle/craft marquee up as the pegs won't stay in the ground to make both secure enough.

      So, we've a space inside which we can use. If the weather picks up and it stays fine, all will be well and things will go along as originally planned.

      I'd just like to add a little note - this event has received quite a lot of interest locally since it's been promoted. I cannot guarantee a stall until payment is received, and as there's a limit on the number of stalls per art/craft, it's a case of first come first served.

      As you can imagine, I can't afford to save stalls for people who may/may not book a stall.
      Carrie xx


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        would you be interested in a handmade jewellery/cards stall?
        MISI -


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          Hi there Louise,

          Yes, anyone's welcome and as I say it's first come first served so although I've a few interested in holding a jewellery stall, I've nothing confirmed.

          Suprisingly I haven't had much interest from card makers, but it's still early days!
          Carrie xx


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            Yey!!! We're on visitbradford and visitwestyorkshire!!!! Now just trying local radio stations!!

            Watch this space he he!!
            Carrie xx


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              Just another update!! As you may know, this is my first event and I am so chuffed at the fact that when I search for 'Eccleshill Craft fair' on google, there's only one on the first page that isn't mine!!

              75 posters have also been posted out to various locations, so now all that's left of the advertsising side is newspaper and/or radio, contacting the council about posters on lamposts etc (closer to the event) and signage for outside the church!

              Posters are up in the local supermarket, churches and schools and some shops!!

              There are still a few stalls left so if you're interested, please get in touch and I'll send all the info.
              Carrie xx


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                I've just posted off my booking form to you. I think you've done a great job with the advertising, I was looking for some info the other day and your event kept appearing on pages I was looking at!




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                  Aww thank you craftynclothy, I'll email you when it arrives and send out a receipt....I'm trying my very best as I really don't want it to be a failure - It's really disheartening when you go to an event and all the organiser's bothered about is the money they'll make from the stall holders. I went to one and the hall was filled with stalls of gorgeous bits and bobs - I could've spent a fortune at each stall, but only a few people actually came through the door due to poor advertising.

                  I definately don't want that for this event which is why I'm trying my very best to promote it! Especially as it's for charity and the more people we get through the door, the more chance we have of raising a decent amount of money!!

                  Just need a wider range of stalls so if anyone's reading this, you live in the area and are thinking should I/shouldn't I, get in touch. It doesn't hurt to get more info he he!!!
                  Carrie xx


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                    Oh wow!!!

                    Just found out that the craft fair has been put in Wednesday nights Telegraph & Argus! I sent an email enquiring about advertising fees and haven't heard anything so was going to call closer to the event (my partner advertises his plumbing services with them so know their printing cut-off times!!!). I've been inundated with calls since Thursday asking for stalls and I was amazed to find they'd heard about it from the T&A!!!

                    This means that it is very likey to go in the freebie papers which are delieverd all over the region! How exciting??

                    I'll still be popping an advert in closer to the event just to make sure EVERYONE knows about us!! he he!
                    Carrie xx


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                      I am really interested, but unfortunatley my sisters party is booked for that date, and i'm supposed to be helping my mum organise it! I'd love to come, if you are doing another one; please could you let me know. I'm not very far away in Brighouse.
                      MISI -


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                        Hi Louise, that's such a shame. If this one's a success we're already talking about hosting other events maybe every couple of months to fall just before seasonal events i.e Christmas, Valentines, Easter.

                        If we do a Christmas Fair, we're looking to do one between the last week of Nov and 1st week of Dec.

                        I really do hope we get a good turn out to this as I feel this area needs re-juvinating a little!!
                        Carrie xx


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                          Did you get my booking form? Just checking because the post can be a bit slow!




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                            Just a quick update to let people know who may be interested in attending this avent and holding a stall!

                            There are only a few indoor stalls still available. Since the event's been in the local paper, I've been getting 2/3 calls and 5+ emails a day!! It's just brill!

                            We still have outside stalls available which I knew would happen as I know I'd want to be indoors where it's nice and warm!!!

                            We've been inundated with jewellery makers but would love to see glass engravers, stained glass artists or woodworkers as we've nothing booked in along these lines.
                            Carrie xx


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                              Another update seen as it's less than a week away from the event!!

                              After reccying up the hall, we found we could fit in some extra tables yey.....But, we've only 1 left now indoors!!

                              I'm so excited I could pop, but there's so much to do this week!
                              Carrie xx